We are scholars, ceramicists, painters, photographers and sculptors. We are students and professionals working together to create and to understand. We are professors and majors with a commitment to make a life in art. We are art minors who need the arts to enrich our lives. We are students taking a first class in the arts just beginning a life of discovery. Our offerings in fine arts include art history, ceramics and sculpture, digital and traditional photography, and drawing and painting.

Note: Content prior to 2012 is contained in Fine & Performing Arts


Submissions from 2016

A “Living Magazine”: Hugo Ball's Cabaret Voltaire, Emily Hage Ph.D.

Reconfiguring Race, Recontextualizing the Media: Romare Bearden's 1968 Fortune and Time Covers, Emily Hage Ph.D.

Submissions from 2015

Live on the Page: Bay Area Dadazines and Punk Zines, Emily Hage Ph.D.

A ‘Democratic’ Medium: František Kupka’s Call for Social Change in the Money Issue of L'Assiette au Beurre, Emily Kathleen Hage

Submissions from 2013

Blasphemy and Devotion: Reinterpreting the Spiritual in Art, Emily Hage Ph.D.

Submissions from 2012

Steve Cope, Stephen J. Cope

Steve Cope, Stephen J. Cope

Making The Modern Divine: The Images Of Henry Ossawa Tanner, Emily Hage Ph.D.

The Magazine as Readymade: New York Dada and the Transgression of Genre and Gender Boundaries, Emily Hage Ph.D.

Be My Hands, Dennis E. McNally S.J.

Submissions from 2011

10 paintings, Stephen J. Cope

24 Paintings, Stephen J. Cope

3 paintings, Stephen J. Cope

3 paintings, Stephen J. Cope

8 paintings, Stephen J. Cope

8 paintings, Stephen J. Cope

Artists We Know and Admire, Susan Fenton

EXHIBITIONISM: The Art of Display, Susan Fenton

Gallery Artists, Susan Fenton

Gallery Group Show, Susan Fenton

SJU Faculty Exhibition, Susan Fenton

Susan Fenton - Tableaux, Susan Fenton

Susan Fenton - Work From Ballinglen, Susan Fenton

Victory for Tyler, Susan Fenton

exhibition, Ronald M. Klein

Installation, Objects from my Studio, Ronald M. Klein

Art for Church: Cloth of Gold, Cloak of Lead, Dennis E. McNally S.J.

Retablos for the Churches of the Apocalypse, Dennis E. McNally S.J.

The Arrival of the Spirit, Dennis E. McNally S.J.

The Spirit Approaches the Laptop, the Cloud, and the Social Network (A Trilogy), Dennis E. McNally S.J.

Social Conscious; Eakins East, Dennis W. Weeks

Submissions from 2010

The Priest and the Pendulum: Reconciling the Orders of Melchizedek and Aaron, Dennis E. McNally S.J.