The Biodiversity Laboratory at Saint Joseph's University is a truly unique place devoted to the study of animal behavior, evolution, and ecology. To say this lab is unusual would be an understatement as it resembles a small zoo more than a university laboratory. Rather than investigating a single, model organism, we study a wide variety of rare and exotic species not typically found in research labs. Work in the Biodiversity Lab falls, primarily, into four distinct categories: studies on fish, studies on amphibians, studies on reptiles, and studies on insects (primarily Drosophila). Beyond all of the research, the Biodiversity Laboratory is a wonderful place, filled with amazing animals. Tours at the University often include a stop at the lab, and visitors from outside the school are common. More importantly, school groups of all ages visit the lab throughout the year. Children love the animals and seem to gain a new vision of what science means during their visit. We hope that their experiences at the labs generate an excitement about science and the natural world.


Submissions from 2013


Male Phantasmal Poison Frog (Epipedobates tricolor) Singing at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, January 30, 2013, Scott P. McRobert