Constant change is a given in the lightning-fast digital age. As a communication studies major at Saint Joseph’s, you will be a daily participant in this dynamic environment. Interdisciplinary in nature, courses are designed to help you develop skills in multiple arenas, leading to an exciting range of career opportunities, including multimedia journalism, web content and digital media design and production, social media, film creation, public relations and marketing communications.

Coursework will give you fundamental communication skills, and select classes from related disciplines will complement your individual interest and ambition. For instance, courses in journalism, photography and film provide insight into writing and creating visually effective pieces, and the business aspect of communications is emphasized in advertising, public relations and media management study.

There is no question that communication and information technologies will continue to influence the world, and the skills you develop as a major will help you create a future distinguished by innovation. While you perfect how you communicate, our ethics-based curriculum will shape your moral dimension, giving you a heightened awareness of your impact and responsibility as a communicator.

Communications studies is a new major at Saint Joseph’s, but our graduates have already entered the workforce as multi-media artists, video editors, copywriters and public relations specialists, in fields as diverse as business, government, non-profit, education and entertainment.


Submissions from 2013

Reclaiming Experience: The Aesthetic and Multimodal Composition, Aimee Ashley Knight

Evaluating a Workflow for Authoring Multimodal DITA, Tim Lockridge

Stories That Speak to Us: Exhibits from the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, Tim Lockridge

Submissions from 2012

Challenging the Rules and Roles of Gaming: Griefing as Rhetorical Tactic, Tim Lockridge

Structured Authoring Meets Technical Comics in TechCommix, Tim Lockridge

Why Linearity is Not the Issue: or, The New Work of Composing is Much Like the Old, Only Different, Tim Lockridge

Submissions from 2010

It Is Time to Return, Tim Lockridge

Rhetorical Situations, Research Writing, and Genre: Cross-Institutional Collaboration on Curriculum Design, Tim Lockridge


Something Unfolds in the Distance, Tim Lockridge

Submissions from 2009


Icons and Genre: The Affordances of, Tim Lockridge


New Ruin, Old World, Tim Lockridge

Survival Tips for a Parallel Universe: Featured Author Chapbook, Tim Lockridge

Submissions from 2008


A Brief Meditation on Movement, Tim Lockridge

Governing Bodies, Tim Lockridge


In Last Night’s Dream I Was Walking Through The Black Market, Tim Lockridge


Our Love Was Like Clean Windows, Tim Lockridge

The Hushed Evolution of Touch, Tim Lockridge

Wait, This Isn’t the Future I Wanted, Tim Lockridge

What You Overheard, Tim Lockridge

Submissions from 2007


A Sky of Cinders, Tim Lockridge

Closure, Tim Lockridge

How He Made It To Heaven, Tim Lockridge

On Realizing That I Tend to End with Nature Imagery, Tim Lockridge


Real Buck Attacks Ceramic Deer, Tim Lockridge

Yesterday’s Visibility, Tim Lockridge