The Computer Science Department is dedicated to familiarizing students with the full scope of this rapidly evolving and exciting field. The Computer Science major prepares students both for a professional career in the field of computers and for graduate study if that is the student's inclination. Graduates work in a large variety of high technology industries including the defense industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and in the information technology industry. Any career that requires disciplined thought is available to a Computer Science graduate.

Note: Content from earlier years is contained in Mathematics & Computer Science


Submissions from 2013

A Hyperspherical Particle Swarm Optimizer for Robust Engineering Design, Babak Forouraghi

Submissions from 2012

Quadrilateral Meshes with Provable Angle Bounds, Fatma Betul Atalay

Automatic Anatomy Recognition via Fuzzy Object Models, George J. Grevera

Densifying Distance Spaces for Shape and Image Retrieval, Suzan L. Koknar-Tezel

Submissions from 2011

A Hybrid Search Strategy to Enhance Multiple Objective Optimization, Babak Forouraghi

Efficient Computation of Enclosed Volume and Surface Area from the Same Triangulated Surface Representation, George J. Grevera

Fuzzy Object Modeling, George J. Grevera

Linear Time Algorithms for Exact Distance Transform, George J. Grevera

Submissions from 2010

Report on Prolog Standardization, Jonathan P.E. Hodgson