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Northeast Decision Sciences Institute (NEDSI)


ABSTRACT With the Ebola outbreak in the rearview mirror, the Kono District and Palm to Palm (P2P) are returning to what can be considered normal operations. P2P has experienced a number of successes, as well as several challenges, in the past year. These events include: 1. Obtaining a small grant from the Friends of Sierra Leone Peace Corps-affiliated organization. 2. Renewing business licenses/certifications at the local, District, and federal level. 3. The breakdown and repair of the project’s palm oil digester, a principal piece of equipment for the operation. 4. The organization of the “P2P Women’s Foundation”. 5. The theft and replacement of the project’s “power tilla” or generator. 6. The collection of rudimentary financial information. While P2P and its stakeholders manage the daily challenges of operating a microscale sustainable economic development project, we are simultaneously attempting to plan for the future. The current plans call for raising additional funds to make investments for the long term, including obtaining office equipment and developing production technology that is appropriate for a sustainable smallholder enterprise. This paper provides updates on our efforts.

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