Social Media Mining: A New Framework and Literature Review

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Abstract: Social media has gained a lot of importance in this modern high-speed world where people sprint to save every bit of time and money. Social media, considered "big data", is finding legitimate and practical uses in political campaigns, job applications, business promotion, professional networking, and customer service. The use of data mining social media is reshaping business models, accelerating "viral" marketing, and enabling the rapid growth of grassroots communities. In addition, organizations now rely on social media for interacting internally as well as externally. Industries from manufacturing to retail to financial services, rely ever-more heavily on the use of social media causing an exploding Social Media Mining (SMM) applications market with a growing list of software vendors and consulting firms all jockeying for position in this burgeoning market. This paper is intent on accomplishing a systematic presentation of the body of knowledge in the growing field of SMM.

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