Teacher Education

The Saint Joseph's University Department of Teacher Education is a vibrant department comprised of diverse faculty members. It is the goal of the faculty to prepare exemplary teachers, engaged citizens, and committed scholars.

Special Education

The Saint Joseph's University Special Education Department is a vibrant department comprised of dedicated faculty members with a wealth of educational experience. It is the goal of the faculty to prepare exemplary teachers, innovative school leaders, and educational researchers.


Submissions from 2009

What We Wanted, What We Got: African American Migrants and the Making of Urban Education, Michael Charles Clapper

Chapter, Raymond Anthony Horn

Chapter, Raymond Anthony Horn

A Faith That promotes Justice:Service-Learning, Virginia G. Johnson

Multicultural Texts in Basal Readers: Representation and Potentials for Exploring Multiculturalism and Global Diversity, Ailing Kong

Teaching English in Cultural Context: A Crucial Element, Ailing Kong

The Assessment of Thoughtful Literacy in NAEP: Why the States Aren't Measuring Up, Ailing Kong

The WRITE Road Traveled by ELLs: Teaching Emergent Writing, Academic Writing and Vocabulary Development, Ailing Kong

Using Global Issues in Teaching English Language Learners, Ailing Kong

The Possibilities and Challenges of Educating Teachers Toward a Critical-Social Equity Orientation, Althier M. Lazar

Interview: G.Kip Bollinger, Thomas E. McDuffie

An Examination of Reading Specialist Candidates' Self-Efficacy in Leadership Competencies Before and After Internships in Schools, Nina L. Nilsson

Chapter in "If They Can't Learn the Way We Teach, Maybe We Should Teach the Way They Learn", Nina L. Nilsson

Chapter in "The Professional Development of Three Graduate Student Mentors in a University-Based After-School Program for Struggling Readers", Nina L. Nilsson

Learning to be Literacy Leaders: An Examination of the Professional Development of Reading Specialist Candidates during their Internships in Schools, Nina L. Nilsson

A Game Plan for Effective Leadership, Robert H. Palestini

From Leadership Theory to Practice, Robert H. Palestini

Leadership for the New Millenium, Robert H. Palestini

Implementing Feminist Pedagogy in Instructional Technology Classes for Preservice Teachers, Teri L. Sosa

Visual Literacy: The Missing Piece of Your Technology Integration Course., Teri L. Sosa

Progress Monitoring Assessment Strategies, Cathleen G. Spinelli

Progress Monitoring: Practical Classroom Assessment, Cathleen G. Spinelli

Student Progress Monitoring, Cathleen G. Spinelli

University Lab School, Urban District Partnership: An Effective Collaboration Model, Cathleen G. Spinelli

Visual Inefficiency's Impact on Academic Performance: Implementing an Assessment/Remediation Plan, Cathleen G. Spinelli

Submissions from 2008

College Reading Association Annual Conference, Mary D. Applegate

Keystone Reading Association, Mary D. Applegate

Immigration and Discrimination: Religiosity, Authoritarianism and Intergroup Contact Influences, Francis M. Bernt

Service-Learning as a Transformative Experience: An Analysis of the Impact of Service-Learning on Student Attitudes and Behavior After Two Years of College, Francis M. Bernt

Service-Learning as a Transformative Experience (SLATE): Behavior, Attitudes, and Achievement over Four Years, Francis M. Bernt

Chapter, Raymond Anthony Horn

The Essential Question Concerning the Promotion of Democracy Through Education., Raymond Anthony Horn

Assessing Higher Level Comprehension, How Do the State Assessments Rate?, Ailing Kong

Literature Responses: Creating Opportunities of Meaningful Language Use for Language Learners, Ailing Kong

Addressing African American Heritage Through Picture Books, Althier M. Lazar

Learning to be Culturally Responsive Literacy Teachers: Acquiring New Dispositions and Practices., Althier M. Lazar

Multicultural Literature & Critical Thinking About the Complex Issues of Racism and Poverty, Althier M. Lazar

The Significance of African American Heritage Picture Books: Tools for Culturally Responsive Teaching, Althier M. Lazar

The Transfer of a Writing Strategy across Content Areas: A Study of Writing Instruction for Students With and Without Disabilities, Martha A. Mercantini

A critical Analysis of Eight Informal Reading Inventories, Nina L. Nilsson

Chapter in "Reader Responses to African American Children's Literature: A Sociolinguistic Perspective", Nina L. Nilsson

Do Students Enjoy Reading Electronic Books Online?: An Examination of Intermediate Grade Level Students' Responses to a Survey, Nina L. Nilsson

Synthesizing the Research Related to Struggling Readers: Reflection, Collaboration, and Strategic Intervention as Agents of Change, Nina L. Nilsson

Transitioning from Clinician to Coach in a University-Based, Community of Practice Reading Clinic, Nina L. Nilsson

Leading with Mind and Heart, Robert H. Palestini

To Lead as Jesus Did, Robert H. Palestini

Engaging and Transforming the Discourse of Neoliberalism in Education: A Possibility for International Solidarity, Encarnacion Rodriguez

La Educacion en los Estados Unidos: Notas Para una Reflexion [Education in the US: A Reflexion], Encarnacion Rodriguez

New Teacher Certification Requirements: a Call for Diversity Without Borders., Encarnacion Rodriguez

Dynamic Assessment and Remediation of Early Reading Difficulties, Eileen F. Sabbatino

Results of Effective Response To Intervention: Educators and Pediatric Optometrists Collaborate, Eileen F. Sabbatino

Chapter in "Women in Technology Careers", Teri L. Sosa

Feminist Pedagogy in Instructional Technology Classes for Pre-service Teachers, Teri L. Sosa

Major Misunderstandings About Key Research Findings that Contribute to Gender Inequities: Insights from Authors of the Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity Through Education, Teri L. Sosa

Using Visual Literacy Mini-Lessons to Improve Work Product in Technology Integration Courses, Teri L. Sosa

Addressing the Issue of Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Assessment: Informal Evaluation Measures for English Language Learners, Cathleen G. Spinelli

Benefits, Uses, and Practical Application of Informal Assessment Procedures, Cathleen G. Spinelli

Results of Effective RTI: Educators and Pediatric Optometrists Collaborate, Cathleen G. Spinelli

A pre-kindergarten achievement gap? Scope and implication, Aubrey H. Wang

A pre-kindergarten achievement gap? Scope and implications., Aubrey H. Wang

Submissions from 2007

Advancing Urban Elementary Students' Nutrition and Obesity Literacy Using an Inquiry-based Science Curriculum, Joseph K. Cifelli


Facilitating Identity Formation, Group Membership, and Learning in Science Classrooms: What Can Be Learned from Out-Of-Field Teaching in an Urban School?, Stacy Olitsky


Promoting Student Engagement in Science: Interaction Rituals and the Pursuit of a Community of Practice, Stacy Olitsky

Submissions from 2006

African-American Males and the Achievement Gap: a Critical Enthography, Joseph K. Cifelli

Harry Potter Meets the X-Files: Using Science Fiction to Engage Students in Real Science, Joseph K. Cifelli

State Highway Maps: a Route to a Learning Adventure, Joseph K. Cifelli

Untitled (NPR Transcript), Joseph K. Cifelli


Structure, Agency, and the Development of Students’ Identities as Learners, Stacy Olitsky

Classroom Assessment for Students in Special and General Education, 2nd ed., Cathleen G. Spinelli

Submissions from 2005

Curriculum Integration as Pedagogy of Inclusion, Jeanne F. Brady

Feminisms and Educational Leadership, Jeanne F. Brady

Women's Historic Work in Labor Movements: Implications for Contemporary Theories of Leadership, Jeanne F. Brady

African-American Males and the Achievement Gap: a Critical Ethnography, Joseph K. Cifelli

Post-Formal Conversation, Raymond Anthony Horn

Prior Knowledge, Vocabulary, & Comprehension: One ESL Reader s Sense-Making Strategies, Ailing Kong


Learning: A Process of Enculturation into the Community's Practices, Ailing Kong and P. David Pearson

Building Teacher Expertise: Through a University-Urban School Partnership, Sheila Landers Macrine

Building University Partnerships That Are Aligned with School District Objectives, Sheila Landers Macrine

Peter McLaren Reloaded: The Politics and Praxis of Dissent, Sheila Landers Macrine

Reenchanting Critical Social Theory: Troubling Postmodernism., Sheila Landers Macrine

The Promise and Failure of Progressive, Sheila Landers Macrine

The Promise and Failure of Progressive Education, Sheila Landers Macrine

Working with Students as Researchers: Ethical Issues of a Participatory Process, Stacy Olitsky

Educational Administration: Leading with Mind and Heart. 2nd ed., Robert H. Palestini

Tuition Vouchers, Robert H. Palestini

Conflicting Cultural Traditions in Curriculum: Indigenous Traditions and the Threat of Western Neoliberal Individualism in Spain and Bolivia, Encarnacion Rodriguez

Submissions from 2004

A Guided Literature Learning Stategy, Mary D. Applegate

The Peter Effect, Mary D. Applegate

Critical Literacies and Feminist Ethics: Mapping a Pedagogical Reform in the Preparation of Educators, Jeanne F. Brady

No More Pencils, No More Books, No More Teacher's Masterpieces!, Jeanne F. Brady

Qualitative Inquiry and Educational Environments: Avenues for Cultural Critique and Social Action, Jeanne F. Brady

Social Justice and Education: Envisioning an Interdisciplinary Curriculum for a College Education, Jeanne F. Brady

Silent Voices, Terrance L. Furin

Tragedy at the Top: The Twilight Zone of Disconnects Between Leadership Theory and Practice in the Superintendency, Terrance L. Furin

Building Capacity for the Development of a Critical Citizenry Through the Redefinition of Education, Raymond Anthony Horn

Editorial: Exploring the Context and Challenges of Scholar-Practitioner Leadership in a Multicultural Society, Raymond Anthony Horn

Empowerment of Teachers and Students, Raymond Anthony Horn

Review of "Against School Reform", Raymond Anthony Horn

Standards Primer, Raymond Anthony Horn

The Federal Definition of Scientific Educational Research: Implications for Educators who Engage in Non-Positivistic Research, Raymond Anthony Horn