Faculty members in the Department of English provide students with a rich variety of learning experiences as they engage literary texts and develop as writers. The English major prepares graduates for a broad range of professional careers––in law, in secondary education (certification requirements completed within the undergraduate program of study), in publishing (writing and editing for books, magazines, journals), in traditional journalism (print and broadcast media), in advertising, in public relations, and in business (marketing and management). Furthermore, English major graduates often pursue advanced degrees that prepare them for teaching at the community college or four-year college/university level.

For advanced study in the writing field, the Department of English also offers a Master’s degree in Writing Studies; the program can be completed on a part- or full-time basis.


Submissions from 2005

Guns, Language and Beer: Hunting for a Working-class Language in the Academy, Ann E. Green

Reading and Writing: Race and Class, Ann E. Green

Tutoring Writing Outside of the Center: Crossing Boundaries in Communities and Classrooms, Ann E. Green

The Development of an Irish Dimension in Wilde's Dorian Gray, Richard J. Haslam

"Alchemy" "Widow's Walk" and "Three at Low Tide", April Lindner

First Kiss, April Lindner

Poetry Anthologies, April Lindner

Presentation on New Formalism, April Lindner

Spice, April Lindner

Spice, April Lindner

"Sweeping up Shards" "Calling it Home" and "Birthmark", April Lindner

"Tornado Watch" and "Fontanel", April Lindner

Essays and Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson, 2nd ed., Peter C. Norberg

Review of "Literature and Moral Reform: Melville and the Discipline of Reading", Peter C. Norberg

Review of "The Essential Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe", Peter C. Norberg

Reading and Writing as Re(Vision), Jo Alyson Parker

Women's Writing as Emancipation: Historical and Literary Perspectives on the Early Modern Period, Jo Alyson Parker

Cuban American Drama, Laura Grace Pattillo

Drama, Laura Grace Pattillo

Duets with your negation bothering the night: Exploring the Louisiana Basement that is the Foundation of Tony Kushner's American Theatre, Laura Grace Pattillo

Here's the story of my life; listen, and I'll tell it twice: The Appalachian Autobiogray of Loretta Lynn, Laura Grace Pattillo

Jo Carson: Grassroots Citizen Playwright, Laura Grace Pattillo

Neil Simon, Laura Grace Pattillo

Samm-Art Williams, Laura Grace Pattillo

Tony Kushner, Laura Grace Pattillo

What happens when a question and an answer come together: Seeing and Being Seen in Jerome Hairston's "A.M. Sunday, Laura Grace Pattillo

'A Tragical Position': Carlyle, Turgenev, and the Religion of Revolution in the Nineteenth Century, David R. Sorensen

Carlyle Has Much to Tell Us as We Try to Understand Terrorist Motivations, David R. Sorensen

'Doom Trumpet' in Elysium: The Death-Birth of the Pastoral Tradition in Carlyle's 'The French Revolution', David R. Sorensen

'Glory Whatever Happens': Carlyle, Napoleon, and the Napoleonic Legend, David R. Sorensen

Professor Kenneth Fielding: Dickens and Carlyle Scholar Who Revelled in Upsetting Received Opinion, David R. Sorensen

Remembering Kenneth J. Fielding, David R. Sorensen

The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle (Volume 33), David R. Sorensen

'Unfold Your Self': Kenneth J. Fielding and Carlyle Studies, 1988-2004, David R. Sorensen

Submissions from 2004

Basil and the Dance Craze, Anthony J. Berret S.J.

Music and Openness in 'Tender Is The Night', Anthony J. Berret S.J.

When the One Coming Out is the One Surprised: Advocacy and Teaching on a Catholic Campus, Thomas J. Brennan S.J.

Summer, 2004, Eileen Z. Cohen

The Game, Eileen Z. Cohen

An Evening With Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J., Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Gerard Manley Hopkins (1844-1889), Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Hopkins Comic Imagery, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Hopkins: Playful Poet, Playful Poetry, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Hopkins Work Wins Top Translation Prize, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

How Did Hopkins Pray?, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Oxford Hosts International Conference in Hopkins, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Review of "Hopkins: The Mystic Poets", Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Review of "The Good Life: Stories", Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Scarlet Geraniums and the 'Mother of Muses': Gerard Manley Hopkins in Wales, 1874-1877, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

The Music of Words: Gerard Manley Hopkins, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Poe and the Philadelphia Origins of the Detective Story, Richard A. Fusco

The South, Owen W. Gilman

Correspondences, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Form and Creative Nonfiction: Shaping Experience Artfully with a Purpose, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

From Correct to Effect: Revising Alternate Styles, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Is Your Cup Half Empty or Half Full? On Seeking Fullness in Academic Places, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

On Consumption and Creation: Food Writing in the Classroom, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

This, Too, Is Research, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

The Writing Center and the Parallel Curriculum: Creative Writing and Service Learning in the Writing Center, Ann E. Green

Visible and Invisible Diversity: Activism, Advocacy, and Allies, Ann E. Green

Critical Reductionism and Bernard Mac Laverty's 'Cal', Richard J. Haslam

Is That German or Not? The Geographies of James Clarence Mangan's Supernaturalist, Richard J. Haslam

Melmoth (OW): Gothic Modes in "The Picture of Dorian Gray", Richard J. Haslam

'So Genteel': Social Class and Snobbery in Joyce's Works, Richard J. Haslam

W. B. Yeats: Snobbery as Mood and Mode, Richard J. Haslam

Brain Fruit, April Lindner

Classrooms in Crisis, April Lindner

Contemporary American Poetry, April Lindner

Dog Bite, April Lindner

Editing Anthologies, April Lindner

Presentation on New Formalism, April Lindner

Rubin Vase, April Lindner

She, April Lindner

The Achievement of Dana Gioia, April Lindner

The Neighbors, April Lindner

The Neighbors, April Lindner

West Chester University Poetry Conference: A History, April Lindner

Irishness, Indian-ness and Myths of Identity: Perspectives on James Joyce and Salman Rushdie, Jason H. Mezey

Essays and Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson, Peter C. Norberg

Finding and Audience for 'Clarel' in Matthew Arnold's 'Essays in Criticism', Peter C. Norberg

'Without Any Permanent Hope of Relief': Urban Poverty in Redburn, Peter C. Norberg

Building Bridges through Time, Jo Alyson Parker

'Ejected from the Present and Its Certainties': The Indeterminate Temporality of Hypertext, Jo Alyson Parker

"Mansfield Park": Dismantling Pemberley, Jo Alyson Parker

Remembering the Future: Memento, the Reverse Arrow of Time, and the Defects of Memory, Jo Alyson Parker

Remembering the Future: Memento, the Reverse of Time's Arrow, and the Defects of Memory, Jo Alyson Parker

Teaching Emma's Narratives and the Narrative of 'Emma', Jo Alyson Parker

Opening Nights Behind the Wall: Male and Female Inmates Writing and Performing the Prison Experience, Laura Grace Pattillo

Review of "The Tennessee Williams Encyclopedia", Laura Grace Pattillo

A Gathering of Evidence: Essays on William Faulkner's "Intruder in the Dust", Patrick H. Samway S.J.

'A Scotch Proudhon': Carlyle, Herzen, and the French Revolutions of 1789 and 1848, David R. Sorensen

Jane Carlyle: Newly Selected Letters, David R. Sorensen

Jane Welsh Carlyle, David R. Sorensen

Phoenix Fire-Death"?: Carlyle, Turgenev and the Tragic Fate of Heroism in the Revolutionary World, David R. Sorensen

The Carlyle Encyclopedia, David R. Sorensen

The Carlyles at Home and Abroad: Essays in Honour of K.J. Fielding, David R. Sorensen

The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle (Volume 32), David R. Sorensen

A Journalist's Sister, Jennifer Spinner

The Essay in America, Jennifer Spinner

When "Macaroni and Cheese is Good" Enough: Revelation in Creative Nonfiction, Jennifer Spinner