Faculty members in the Department of English provide students with a rich variety of learning experiences as they engage literary texts and develop as writers. The English major prepares graduates for a broad range of professional careers––in law, in secondary education (certification requirements completed within the undergraduate program of study), in publishing (writing and editing for books, magazines, journals), in traditional journalism (print and broadcast media), in advertising, in public relations, and in business (marketing and management). Furthermore, English major graduates often pursue advanced degrees that prepare them for teaching at the community college or four-year college/university level.

For advanced study in the writing field, the Department of English also offers a Master’s degree in Writing Studies; the program can be completed on a part- or full-time basis.


Submissions from 2004

Women Rule, Jennifer Spinner

Coleridge and Modernity: Some Implications of the Reason/Understanding Distinction, Ronald C. Wendling

Mickelsson's Classes, Ronald C. Wendling

Prophet and Friend: The Reflective Politics of Carlyle and Coleridge, Ronald C. Wendling

Submissions from 2003

Mirror Image, Eileen Z. Cohen

Conflict and Play: A Different View of Gerard Manley Hopkins, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

French Translation of Hopkins Wins Major Literary Award, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Fun and Frolic at St. Bueno's: 'John Gerard's Diary' and Hopkins' Life as a Theologian, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Gerard Manley Hopkins: Two Ideas, Two Poems, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

How Did Hopkins Pray?, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

In Memoriam: Marcella M. Halloway, C.S. J., Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

In Memoriam: Walter J. Ong, S.J., Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Review of "Albion: The Origins of the English Imagination", Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Review of "A Queer Chivalry: The Homoerotic Asceticism of Gerard Manley Hopkins", Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Review of "Needing the Sea", Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Sweetness and Light, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

The Divine Shines Through, Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Two Ideas and Two Poems: Towards Clarity about 'Inscape' and 'Instressed', Joseph J. Feeney S.J.

Introduction: Stephen Crane Said to the Universe, Richard A. Fusco

"New And Improved," Review of "A Garden of Earthly Delights", Richard A. Fusco

Poe and His Sundry Readers, Richard A. Fusco

Poe in the Classroom, Richard A. Fusco

Using Narrative Form to Teach Poe's Gothic Fiction, Richard A. Fusco

Beginning Words: Introduction and Invitation, Melissa A. Goldthwaite


Confessionals, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Crafting a Love for Language: Poetry in the Composition Classroom, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Ethos, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Into and Back Out of the Box: Redefining Essays and Options, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Nourishing Poison: Love, Disease, and Family Recipes, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Our Work is Not Irrelevant: Strategies for Peace and Environmental Renewal in the Work of Terry Tempest Williams, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Rhetoric + Feminism = William's Poetic Means: Transforming the Triptychs of Body Form, and Faith in 'Leap', Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Surveying the Literary Landscapes of Terry Tempest Williams, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Terry Tempest Williams, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

The St. Martin's Guide to Teaching Writing, Melissa A. Goldthwaite

Difficult Stories: Service Learning, Race, Class, and Whiteness, Ann E. Green

Learning to Tell Stories: Social Class, Narratives, and Pedagogy, Ann E. Green

Re-Activating the Disciplines: Cross Disciplinary Partnerships as Enhancing Feminist Work, Ann E. Green

The Individual, the Writing Center, and the University, Ann E. Green

The Writing Center and Community: Tutor Training and Research Outside of the University, Ann E. Green

Towards a Feminist Ethic of Risk: Unpacking Systemic Racism Through Service-Learning, Ann E. Green

Banim, John, Richard J. Haslam

Banim, Michael, Richard J. Haslam

Gothic Fiction, Richard J. Haslam

Jail Journal, Richard J. Haslam

Le Fanu, J. Sheridan, Richard J. Haslam

Maturin, Charles, Richard J. Haslam

O'Brien, Fitz-James, Richard J. Haslam

Otway, Caesar, Richard J. Haslam

Revisionism, Reductionism, and Bernard MacLaverty's 'Cal', Richard J. Haslam

"St. Patrick Kavanagh?" Review of "No Earthly Estate: God and Patrick Kavanagh--An Anthology", Richard J. Haslam

The Saint, the Fenian, the Poet, and the Countess: W. B. Yeats and Irish Catholicism, Richard J. Haslam

Trench, William Steuart, Richard J. Haslam

Trollope, Anthony, Richard J. Haslam

W. B. Yeats's "Responsibilities", Richard J. Haslam

Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", Richard J. Haslam

Yeats and Social Class, Richard J. Haslam

A Tribute to 'The Formalist', April Lindner

Baboosic Lake, April Lindner

Dana Gioia, 2nd ed., April Lindner

Dinner at Brigham's, April Lindner

Emerging Woman Formalists, April Lindner

Emerging Women Formalists, April Lindner

"Habit" and "Beside the Parkway", April Lindner

Kimono, April Lindner

Learning to Float, April Lindner

Making Poetry Matter in the Composition Classroom, April Lindner

Making Poetry Matter in the Composition Classroom, April Lindner

Our Father in Company L, April Lindner

Presentation on Long Narrative Poem, April Lindner

Presses of the New Formalism and the New Narrative, April Lindner

"Still Life" "Dog Bite" "Nameless" and "Starting Over", April Lindner

The Little Magazines of the New Formalism, April Lindner

Younger Women Poets of the New Formalism, April Lindner

Mourning the Death of the Raj? Partition Violence and British Melancholia in Paul Scott's Raj Quartet, Jason H. Mezey

'Psychoanalyzing' the States: Narcissism, Fetishism, and Paranoia in Salman Rushdie's Midnight Children, Jason H. Mezey

Review of "England Through Colonial Eyes in Twentieth Century Fiction", Jason H. Mezey

The Nation in the Age of Atrocity, Jason H. Mezey

Review of "Mariners, Renegades, and Castaways: Herman Melville and the World We Live In", Peter C. Norberg

Historicizing Women's Texts, Textualizing Women's History, Jo Alyson Parker

'Don't Ye Put Stock in Witchery: Put Hit in the Bible': The Battle Between and Blending of Superstition and Religion in Appalachia as Represented on the Popular American Stage, Laura Grace Pattillo

A Homeward Journey: Edwidge Danticat's Fictional Landscapes, Mindscapes, and Genescapes in 'Breath, Eyes, and Memory', Patrick H. Samway S.J.

An Interview with Andre Dubus, Patrick H. Samway S.J.

Interview with Andre Dubus, Patrick H. Samway S.J.

'At Least Half Right': Carlyle, Abolition, and the American Civil War, David R. Sorensen

Electronic Edition of the Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle, David R. Sorensen

The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle (Volume 31), David R. Sorensen

'Tout est optique': Carlyle, France and the French Revolution, David R. Sorensen

'Tyrannophilia': Carlyle and the Myth of Fredrick the Great, David R. Sorensen

An Extra Day in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Jennifer Spinner

Block Island, 1998, Jennifer Spinner

Coming Out as a Human Being: When the Self Is Other, and the Other Is Mother, Jennifer Spinner

Interview with Sam Pickering, Jennifer Spinner

Pulling a Poem Out of a Hat, Jennifer Spinner

Research in the Creative Writing Classroom, Jennifer Spinner

Thirteen Ways If Looking at Creative Nonfiction, Jennifer Spinner

Grace, Prophecy and the Creativity of Nature in John Garnder's Theory and Practice of Fiction, Ronald C. Wendling

Submissions from 2002

Basil and the Dance Craze, Anthony J. Berret S.J.

'Enthusiastic Sorrow': Wordsworth, Tennyson, and Eliot Loss (William Wordsworth, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, T. S. Eliot), Thomas J. Brennan S.J.

Wordsworth's 'Peele Castle', Thomas J. Brennan S.J.

Dennis Joseph Comey, Francis F. Burch S.J.