Trends in the Home Meal Replacement Market

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Purpose – The continuously fluctuating consumer who desires simplicity and convenience has had much influence on the food industry. This trend has led to a new food market sector known as HMR (Home Meal Replacement). This study aims to understand the status of the HMR market in United States.

Research Design, Data, and Methodology – In order to research the status of the HMR market, quantitative analysis and secondary research were carried out. By using data from Euromonitor, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, we have estimated food segment sales contributions to the HMR market in United States. Results – HMR products are being sold in various channels such as traditional stores, convenience stores, and even farmers’ markets. Some restrictions on the HMR products exist for food safety.

Conclusions – HMR industry in United States has expanded continuously. To keep pace with the growth of the HMR market, the United States government has focused on food and safety regulations with regards to the products used in HMR. Finally, this study discusses the implications for Korean HMR market.

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