The Department of Food Marketing in the Haub School of Business offers an internationally recognized food marketing degree program at both the graduate and undergraduate level. The department is one of the largest majors in the university and provides students job placement with manufacturers such as General Mills and PepsiCo, retailers such as Wegmans and Wal-Mart, and suppliers such as AC Nielsen, and IRI, as well as various advertising and consulting agencies. Our graduates pursue entry level marketing, analyst and sales positions and are fast-tracked to the executive level.

A unique aspect of the Food Marketing department is that most of the faculty have worked full time in the food industry and have practical first-hand experience of the industry in which they teach. Students study important issues from faculty who inform and influence the industry and public policy sectors regarding leading food issues.

The department, with the support of the Academy of Food Marketing, developed and maintains strong industry ties which assist the placement of graduating seniors, recruiting of incoming freshmen, advising of students, program promotion, and scholarships. The major’s own specialty library, the Campbell Library, is one of the largest depositories of food industry information in the world.

Outstanding students are given the opportunity to travel around the US to major food conferences in places like Chicago, Las Vegas, and San Diego. The program also offers service learning opportunities, international study tours and an active student run organization. A five year co-op program exists and provides exceptional employment opportunities and an economical approach to students' education.


Submissions from 1975

A Report to the Northeast Marketing Committee on Interest in Ornamentals Marketing Needs in the Region, Patrick J. Kirschling

Business Management Seminar for Landscape Nurserymen and Landscape Contractors, Patrick J. Kirschling

Growing Pinched Poinsettias in 4-inch Pots, Patrick J. Kirschling

Companion of Executive Decision Styles: International vs. U. S. Managers, John L. Stanton

Me Prediction of Brand Preference: A Composition vs. Decomposition Approach, John L. Stanton

Perceptual Mapping of Consumer Products and Television Shows, John L. Stanton

Personality Influences on Marketing Planning and Decision Making, John L. Stanton

Television Advertising Effectiveness by Matching Consumer Needs with Program Attributes, John L. Stanton

Toward an Integrated-Attribute Basis for T.V. Programming, John L. Stanton

T.V. Shows and Product Press Clusters as a Basis for Advertising-Decisions, John L. Stanton

Submissions from 1974

Dew Fresh Packaged Mum Study--Part 1: Results of Market Test, Patrick J. Kirschling

Dew Fresh Packaged Mum Study--Part 2: Consumer Acceptance, Patrick J. Kirschling

Nursery Stock in 1-Gallon Containers:Production Program and Economic Feasibility, Patrick J. Kirschling

Profitability of Pot Chrysamthemum Production Under Glass Greenhouses, Patrick J. Kirschling

Profitability of Pot Chrysamthemum Production Under Plastic Greenhouses, Patrick J. Kirschling

The Demand for Packaged Mums, Patrick J. Kirschling

The Effect of Land Costs on the Return on Investment in Two Ornamental Greenhouse Operation Models, Patrick J. Kirschling

A Congruence Model of Brand Preference: A Theoretical and Empirical Study, John L. Stanton

Psychological Need: Product Attribute Congruence as a Basis for Position, John L. Stanton

Submissions from 1973

Preliminary Market Test for Packaged Potted Chrysanthemums, Patrick J. Kirschling

An Empirical Study of a Distance Model of Brand Attitude, John L. Stanton

Submissions from 1972

Economic Analysis of Film Mulching New Jersey Vegetables, Patrick J. Kirschling

Potential Profitability of Film Mulching as Applied to Selected Vegetable Crops in a Rutgers Experiment, Patrick J. Kirschling

Information Sensitivity, Fatalism and Spending Behavior, John L. Stanton

Submissions from 1971

Profitability of Tomato Production Under Plastic Greenhouses, Patrick J. Kirschling

Submissions from 1969

Use of Arbitration in the Settlement of Public Employee Disputes, Richard J. George