The Modern and Classical Languages Department offers majors and minors in French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. In addition, a major in French Studies and minors in Classical Humanities, Latin American Studies, and Linguistics are also offered. Courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian are available to interested students.

By achieving precise and effective communication in the languages of the world, the faculty share a connectedness with peoples of all walks of life and engage with a rich diversity of ideas, cultures, and political, social, and religious systems. We admire the aesthetic and intellectual achievements of these cultures while we also show compassion for their poor and needy. The study of the languages and literatures of the world enables us to better ourselves by becoming more globally aware and culturally sensitive, and it informs the way we think about ourselves as we fulfill our desires and responsibilities in civic and private spheres. We embrace the Ignatian vision of educating “men and women for others” by fostering inclusiveness both inside and outside the classroom.

Devoted to the Jesuit vision of cura personalis—concern for the individual student—we challenge students to achieve the full development of their individual talents and we foster their intellectual and spiritual growth. Consequently, as teachers and academic advisors we provide our students with personalized attention and sound guidance. No less committed to our research than to our teaching and advising, we are also active scholars, presenting our work in publications and at conferences in the United States and overseas. These scholarly pursuits go hand-in-hand with teaching, as our research interests and experiences abroad animate our courses.


Submissions from 2016

Review of "Medieval Romance and Material Culture", Kristin Burr

Catullus 37: Lesbia, Egnatius, and Roman Mime, Maria S. Marsilio

Submissions from 2013

Review of "Jean Vauthier: théâtre vibrant", Thomas J. Donahue

Counter-Discourse and Exile in the Poetry of Rafael Alberti and Mario Benedetti, Carmen Faccini

Beggars, Maria S. Marsilio

Reviving The Past: Cinematic History And Popular Memory In The 300 Spartans (1962), Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

H.R. 2499 Puerto Rico Democracy Act Of 2010: Language Policy And The Burton Amendment, Elaine M. Shenk

Submissions from 2012

Review of Être à Table au Moyen Âge, Kristin Burr

Review of "Thinking Time: A Multidisciplinary Perspective On Time", Robert R. Daniel Jr.

‘Can You Tell Me How to Get There?': Naturally-Occurring versus Role Play Data in Direction Giving, Jennifer D. Ewald

Student-Teacher Dialogue Journals: Students' Concerns about Spanish 101, Jennifer D. Ewald

Petrarch's Elegies for Mother and Beloved: Eletta, Laura, and the Humanist's Pursuit of Poetic Glory, Kristen Ina Grimes

Catullus 36: Love and Literary Criticism, Maria S. Marsilio

Petrarch's Elegies for Mother and Beloved: Eletta, Laura, and the Humanist's Pursuit of Poetic Glory, Maria S. Marsilio

Introduction, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Reception of Greek and Roman Drama in Latin America, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Seneca in Cuba: Gender, Race, and the Revolution in José Triana's Medea en el espejo, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Submissions from 2011

Crime Fiction and Memory: Opening up the World War II Past in Recent German Crime Fiction, Thomas L. Buckley

New German Crime Fiction, Thomas L. Buckley

A Model Knight: Gauvain as "Objet d'art", Kristin Burr

Honorable Shame and Shameful Honor in 'Meraugis de Portlesguez', Kristin Burr

Theory Meets Reality in the Language Classroom, Jennifer D. Ewald

Arcadian Women's Salons in 18th Century Rome, Paola Giuli

Pastoral Fable, Tragedy and History: The Modernist Dimension of Crescimbeni's Elvio, Paola Giuli

Poetry and National Identity: Corinne, Corilla and the Idea of Italy, Paola Giuli

Fashioning La Serenissima: Costume and the Geographical Contours of Renaissance Venice, Kristen Ina Grimes

Miscere utile dulci: Teaching the tre corone in Italian, Kristen Ina Grimes

Nello studio dell'artista: Teaching Language and Culture through Art, Kristen Ina Grimes

Petrarch's Epistolary Ego and the Authorizing Maternal, Kristen Ina Grimes

Petrarch's Epistolary Ego And The Authorizing Maternal, Kristen Ina Grimes

Review of "Petrarch's Humanism and the Care of the Self", Kristen Ina Grimes

Sappho's Circle: Intertextuality and Eroticism in Lyrics by Patrizia Cavalli, Kristen Ina Grimes

Bringing the Bicentennials into the Language and Culture Classroom: A Multimedia Approach, Heather Renee Hennes

El honor y normas de género en las epístolas de Manuela Sáenz. Una voz femenina que se sitúa en "América", Heather Renee Hennes

"The Gendered Spaces of La Libertadora: Diego Rísquez's Manuela Saenz", Heather Renee Hennes

From Tomb to Womb: Tibullus 1.1 and the Discourse of Masculinity in Post-Civil War Rome, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Performing Ancient History on Screen: Cold War Politics and Greek Monarchy in The 300 Spartans, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Seneca in Cuba, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

The Boy as Metaphor: The Hermeneutics of Homoerotic Desire in Tibullus 1.9, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Constructing Perspectives on Language Diversity in the U.S. Midwest, Elaine M. Shenk

Instrumental, Integrative, and Intrinsic: A Self-Determination Framework for Orientations Towards Language in a Puerto Rican Community, Elaine M. Shenk

Language Officialization in Puerto Rico: Group-Making Discourses of Protectionism and Receptivity, Elaine M. Shenk

Puerto Rico y Estados Unidos: La inclusion y evolucion de las políticas lingüísticas en los proyectos de ley estadounidenses de 1989-2010, Elaine M. Shenk

Topics in Language Variation: Teaching from a Perspective of Language Awareness, Elaine M. Shenk

Submissions from 2010

Outside from Within: The German Literary Outsider., Thomas L. Buckley

Outside from Within: The German Literary Outsider., Thomas L. Buckley

Review of "Allegories of Love in Marguerite Porete's 'Mirror of Simple Souls'", Kristin L. Burr

Review of "Crossing Borders: Love between Women in Medieval French and Arabic Literatures", Kristin L. Burr

The Limited Language of Courtliness in 'Meraugis de Portlesguez', Kristin L. Burr

The Point of Revenge: Questioning Chivalry in 'La Vengeance Raguidel' and 'Les Merveilles de Rigomer', Kristin L. Burr

Origins, Futures and Being Human, Robert R. Daniel

Do You Know Where X Is?’: Direction-Giving and Male/Female Direction-Givers, Jennifer D. Ewald

“How Can I Get My Students to talk?!”: Promoting Oral Communication in Spanish Language Classrooms, Jennifer D. Ewald

Second Language Teachers’ Approaches to the First Day of Class: An Investigation of Moral Agency, Jennifer D. Ewald

“Un teatro di meraviglie”: The Pastoral Fable and The Pastoral Tragedy, Paola Giuli

“Lyric Expressions of Female Homosexuality in Patrizia Cavalli’s Sempre aperto teatro”, Kristen Ina Grimes

Review of "Francesco Petrarca. Gabbiani", Kristen Ina Grimes

Professional Citizenship: Academic Search Committees, Maria S. Marsilio

Titus Maccius Plautus, Menaechmi 182-218, Maria S. Marsilio

Two Notes on Horace, Odes 1.11, Maria S. Marsilio

“Appropriating Greek Myth: Female Sacrifice and Argentine Patriarchal Society in Inés de Oliveira Cézar’s Extranjera”, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Introduction to "Reception of Greek and Roman Drama in Latin America", Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Seneca in the Caribbean: José Triana's Medea in the Mirror and the Issue of Race in Pre- Revolutionary Cuban Society, Konstantinos P. Nikoloutsos

Integration, Instrumentation, and Innovation: (De)constructing the dichotomy of orientations towards language in a Puerto Rican community, Elaine M. Shenk

La oficialización del idioma en Puerto Rico: Unas perspectivas de la cordillera central, Elaine M. Shenk

Official Language Debates in Puerto Rico: Perspectives from la Cordillera Central, Elaine M. Shenk

Teaching sociolinguistic variation in the intermediate language classroom: Voseo and tuteo in Latin America, Elaine M. Shenk

Submissions from 2009

Penetrating the Secret of the Real: Perceptions of the Humanities and the Sciences in the Weltanschauung Discourse at the Fin de Siecle, Thomas L. Buckley

Storm, Hebbel and Co.: German Gothic Horror in an Age of Realism and Empiricism, Thomas L. Buckley

Review of "La Mort du roi Arthur", Kristin L. Burr

Review of "The Art of Illumination: The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry", Kristin L. Burr

Ringing True: Gender and Identity in "Le Roman de la violette", Kristin L. Burr

Jacques Copeau and the Théâtre du Vieux-Colomber, Thomas J. Donahue

Jacques Copeau et Jacques Rouché: Renovateurs jumeaux?, Thomas J. Donahue

Literary Fame and Infamy of Women Improvisers in Arcadia, Paola Giuli

'Monsters of Talent': Fame and Reputation of Women Poets in Arcadia, Paola Giuli

All about my mother: Petrarch's Humanist Autobiography, Kristen Ina Grimes

Theater of Sickness: Echoes of Petrarch's Canzoniere in Lyrics by Patrizia Cavalli, Alda Merini and Gianni D'Elia, Kristen Ina Grimes

Corrientes culturales en la leyenda de Juana Azurduy de Padilla, Heather Renee Hennes

Exploring Horace Odes 1.11 (Carpe Diem) for Research and Teaching, Maria S. Marsilio

Pictures from Our Exhibitors: Perspectives on the Study of Classics from the "Infrastructure", Maria S. Marsilio

Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Carmina 1.11, Maria S. Marsilio

Scholarship on the Horizon: Undergraduate Research in Classical Studies, Maria S. Marsilio

Review of "La legitimación de la violencia en la comedia española del siglo XVII", Robert M. Shannon

Submissions from 2008

Belen Gopegui: Dialogos entre la Pagina y la Pantalla, Concha Alborg

Cuerpos Propios: la Feminizacion del Detective en las Novelas de Isabel-Clara Simo y Maria Antonia Oliver, Concha Alborg

Penetrating the Secret of the Real: Perceptions of the Humanities and the Sciences in the Weltanschauung Discourse at the Fin de Siecle, Thomas L. Buckley

From One Knight to the Next: Transforming Chivalry in 'La Vengeance Raguidel', Kristin L. Burr

Lances Left Behind: Questioning Courtliness in 'La Vengeance Raguidel' and 'Les Merveilles de Rigomer', Kristin L. Burr

Turning the Tables on Chivalry in "Gliglois", Kristin L. Burr

Jacques Copeau's Friends and Disciples: The Théâtre du Vieux-Colombier in New York City, 1917-1919, Thomas J. Donahue

El español a través de la lingüística: Preguntas y respuestas, Jennifer D. Ewald

Language Learners' E-Mails: A Context for Teacher-Student Communication, L2 Writing Practice or Both?, Jennifer D. Ewald

Linguistics, Jennifer D. Ewald

No me gusta hablar con mis compañeros de clase porque cometen tantos errores como yo. ¿Por qué tenemos que trabajar en grupos?, Jennifer D. Ewald

Red Lights and Yellow Lights: Informed Use of Online Translators, Jennifer D. Ewald

The Assumption of Participation in Small Group Work: An Investigation of L2 Teachers' and Learners' Expectations, Jennifer D. Ewald

Arcadia 1690-1708: la partecipazione femminile e i suoi fondamenti, Paola Giuli

Literary Women and the 18th Roman Academies: Membership, Patronage, and Authorship, Paola Giuli

Women and/ in Italian Academies: Principles, Policies, and Practices, Paola Giuli