The Modern and Classical Languages Department offers majors and minors in French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. In addition, a major in French Studies and minors in Classical Humanities, Latin American Studies, and Linguistics are also offered. Courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian are available to interested students.

By achieving precise and effective communication in the languages of the world, the faculty share a connectedness with peoples of all walks of life and engage with a rich diversity of ideas, cultures, and political, social, and religious systems. We admire the aesthetic and intellectual achievements of these cultures while we also show compassion for their poor and needy. The study of the languages and literatures of the world enables us to better ourselves by becoming more globally aware and culturally sensitive, and it informs the way we think about ourselves as we fulfill our desires and responsibilities in civic and private spheres. We embrace the Ignatian vision of educating “men and women for others” by fostering inclusiveness both inside and outside the classroom.

Devoted to the Jesuit vision of cura personalis—concern for the individual student—we challenge students to achieve the full development of their individual talents and we foster their intellectual and spiritual growth. Consequently, as teachers and academic advisors we provide our students with personalized attention and sound guidance. No less committed to our research than to our teaching and advising, we are also active scholars, presenting our work in publications and at conferences in the United States and overseas. These scholarly pursuits go hand-in-hand with teaching, as our research interests and experiences abroad animate our courses.


Submissions from 1998

La Invencion del Grupo Leones, Concha Alborg

Madres e Hijas en la Narrativa Esapnola Escrita por Mujeres, Concha Alborg

Madres e Hijas en la Narrativa Espanola Escrita Por Mujeres, Concha Alborg

Review of "El Labertino del Quetzal", Concha Alborg

Review of "La Invencion del Groupo Leones", Concha Alborg

Art/Criticism/Poetry in Baudelaire, Robert R. Daniel

Baudelaire: son temps, son Eternit[e/], Robert R. Daniel

Engagements, Robert R. Daniel

The 'Nouvelle Ecole' in France from 1820-1832: Shakespeare and Walter Scott (Mis-) Appropriated." American Conference on Romanticism, Robert R. Daniel

Encouraging Reflective Practice in L2 Teaching Through Peer Coaching, Carmen Faccini

Hacia la Configuración de un Discurso del Exilio Uruguayo: 1973-1984 (Mario Benedetti), Carmen Faccini

José de Acosta's Historia Natural y Moral de las Indias: Representing the 'Other' in the Collision Between Discourses of Similarity and Difference, Carmen Faccini

La 'Patada Augusta' de Julio Herrera y Reissig, Carmen Faccini

Neobarroco: Discurso de Enmascaramiento en Julio Herrera y Reissig, Carmen Faccini

'Su Unico Hijo' de 'Clarin': Semótica Gestual en la Comunicación Erótica, Carmen Faccini

My Twenty Years of Teaching Remarque in an American University, Richard A. Kipphorn

Teaching the Question of Humanity in American War Films, Richard A. Kipphorn

Harry Kondoleon's The Ruins of Athens, Maria S. Marsilio

Two 'Ships' in the Menaechmi, Maria S. Marsilio

Ercilla's Creative and Critical Conflicts: Balancing Oppositions in La Araucana, Gregory Shepherd

Contextualizing East and West in Post-Wende Literature, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

'Das schreckliche Mädchen'- the Generation 'After' Revealing History, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Everyday Life Past and Present in [German] Film, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Frauen Thematisieren Sozialstrukturen (Trans. Women Focusing on Social Structures), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Life with the Wall: A German Perspective in 'Das Versprechen' (1994), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Mauern und Köpfe: Peter Schneider zwischen 1968-1998 (Trans. Walls and Minds: Peter Schneider Between 1968-1998), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Multi-Cultural Writers in Germany, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Texte von Frauen über die Macht der Väter: Monika Maron und einige andere Autoren und Autorinnen aus der DDR, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1997

El Camino de Josefina Molina: Una Interpretacion Feminista de la Novela, Concha Alborg

'El Camino' de Josefina Molina: una Interpretacion Feminista de la Novela, Concha Alborg

El Sur, Novela y Pelicula: Dos Versiones de un Mismo Conflicto, Concha Alborg

Eulalia Galvarriato: Una Sombra de la Posguerra, Concha Alborg

Falangismo y Feminismo: Mercedes Formica, Concha Alborg

Don Juan et Les Liaisons Dangereuses: Credulite, Seduction and Scepticisme, Robert R. Daniel

Fantasy, Humor and the Didactic during the July Monarchy: The Example of Le Prince Coqueluche (1846), Robert R. Daniel

The Poetry of Villon and Baudelaire: Two Worlds, One Human Condition, Robert R. Daniel

Los Niños de Mario Benedetti, Carmen Faccini

Tensiones de un Discurso de (Re)composición de la Identidad Uruguaya en el Exilio Español, Carmen Faccini

Enlightment, Paola Giuli

Querelle des Femmes: Eighteenth Century, Paola Giuli

My Twenty Years of Teaching Remarque in an American University, Richard A. Kipphorn

Aristophanes, Maria S. Marsilio

Hesiod's Winter Maiden, Maria S. Marsilio

Hesiod's Winter Maiden, Maria S. Marsilio

Hesiod's Winter Maiden, Maria S. Marsilio

Ignatius of Loyola and the Religious Sonnets of Francisco de Quevedo, Robert M. Shannon

Pointing to the Mystery: Ignatius of Loyola and the Religious Sonnets of Francisco de Quevedo, Robert M. Shannon

Review of "La aurora en Copacabana", Robert M. Shannon

Review of "La imagen de los negros en el teatro del Siglo de Oro", Robert M. Shannon

Ercilla's Creative and Critical Conflicts: Balancing Oppositions in La Araucana, Gregory Shepherd

Jose de Acosta's De Procuranda: Rhetorical Strategies and Ideological Posturing, Gregory Shepherd

Activist Women from East Germany, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Cross-Cultural Awareness in the Foreign Language Class: Concepts of Space in Germany and the USA, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

East German Literature: New Evaluations, New Perspectives, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Monika Maron: 'Alles zu wenig, alles zu spät' (Trans. Monika Maron: 'Everything Too Little, Everything Too Late'), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Telefonkonferenz - mehr als ein Direktgespräch: Praktische Tips für ein erfolgreiches, interkulturelles Kommunikationsprojekt, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1996

America de Cabo a Rabo de Jose Luis Castillo-Puche, Concha Alborg

'El Camino' De Josefina Molina: Una Interpretacion Femenista de la Novela, Concha Alborg

El Gos, Concha Alborg

Las Biografias Historicas de Mercedes Formica: La Hija de Don Juan de Austria y 'Maria de Mendoza', Concha Alborg

Review of "La narrativa de Concha Alos: Texto, Pretexto y Contexto", Concha Alborg

Review of "Tres Mujeres", Concha Alborg

Una Mujer por Caminos de Espana: La Seudoautobiografia de Maria Martinez Sierra, Concha Alborg

Unos Tomates de New Jersey, Concha Alborg

The Aesthetics of Medical Obsession: Thomas Mann's 'The Magic Mountain" Rediscovered, Thomas L. Buckley

At the Border of French Romanticism, Robert R. Daniel

Baudelaire's Religious Vocabularies, Robert R. Daniel

Jacques Copeau in America: Renovation and Innovation, Thomas J. Donahue

The Face Mask and Improvisation in Actor Training: Ariane Mnouchkine and Sizanne Bing, Thomas J. Donahue

The Vieux-Colombier in America: The Cases of Louis Jouvet and Suzanne Bing, Thomas J. Donahue

Multimedia e hipermedia en las clases de español, Jennifer D. Ewald

Mario Benedetti: Elaboracion/ Desarticulacion de un Discurso Contrahegemonico en el Exilio, Carmen Faccini

Authorizing Arcadian Women: Orality, Writing, and Literary Value, Paola Giuli

Monsters of Talent: The Production of Eighteenth-Century Italian Women Writers, Paola Giuli

'Teaching German in American Community Colleges' 'Cyberspace: The New Classroom Dimension' 'A Creative Role for Grammar in a Multimedia Language Program' and 'Berlin Unwrapped: Content-Based Material for High School and College Courses', Richard A. Kipphorn

Women in Greece and Rome, Maria S. Marsilio

Las Pícuras del Arcipreste, Robert M. Shannon

Film, Literature, and the Holocaust, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

GDR-Literature: New Readings, New Discussions, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Notizen zu dem Film: 'Das schreckliche Mädchen' (Trans. Comments on the Film: 'The Nasty Girl'), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1995

Eulalia Galvarriato y el Patriarcado, Concha Alborg

La Gisela, Concha Alborg

'Una Mujer por Caminos de Espana': la Seudoautobiografia de Maria Martinez Sierra, Concha Alborg

Una Noche en Casa, Concha Alborg

Nature, Science, Realism: A Re-Examination of Programmatic Realism and the Works of Adalbert Stifter and Gottfried Keller, Thomas L. Buckley

Baudelaire/Paris, Robert R. Daniel

Fins de Siecle, Robert R. Daniel

Pierrot Dans Les Marges?, Robert R. Daniel

Two Innovators/One Tradition: Copeau and Mnouchkine, Thomas J. Donahue

El uso de multimedia en la enseñanza del español, Jennifer D. Ewald

Julio Herrera y Reissig, Carmen Faccini

The 'Feminization' of Italian Culture: Eighteenth-Century Women Writers and Literary History, Paola Giuli

The Poetics of Seconda Arcadia and Literary History, Paola Giuli

The Sexual Revolution of the Late Republic, Maria S. Marsilio

'America' und Deutschland-Neuestes aus deutscher Perspektive (Trans. America and Germany-Most Recent Issues from a German Perspective), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Blitzkarrieren: Individuum und Wirtschaftswunderland (Trans. Careers in the Fast Lane: The Individual Facing the 'Economic Miracle'), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Deutschland-Porträts: Landeskunde und Literatur im Film (Trans. Presentations of Germany: Cultural and Literary Aspects), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1994

Ana Rossetti y el Relato Erotico, Concha Alborg

'El Sur' Pelicula y Novela: Dos Versiones de un Mismo Conflicto, Concha Alborg

Jodi Van Ness, Concha Alborg