The Modern and Classical Languages Department offers majors and minors in French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish. In addition, a major in French Studies and minors in Classical Humanities, Latin American Studies, and Linguistics are also offered. Courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian are available to interested students.

By achieving precise and effective communication in the languages of the world, the faculty share a connectedness with peoples of all walks of life and engage with a rich diversity of ideas, cultures, and political, social, and religious systems. We admire the aesthetic and intellectual achievements of these cultures while we also show compassion for their poor and needy. The study of the languages and literatures of the world enables us to better ourselves by becoming more globally aware and culturally sensitive, and it informs the way we think about ourselves as we fulfill our desires and responsibilities in civic and private spheres. We embrace the Ignatian vision of educating “men and women for others” by fostering inclusiveness both inside and outside the classroom.

Devoted to the Jesuit vision of cura personalis—concern for the individual student—we challenge students to achieve the full development of their individual talents and we foster their intellectual and spiritual growth. Consequently, as teachers and academic advisors we provide our students with personalized attention and sound guidance. No less committed to our research than to our teaching and advising, we are also active scholars, presenting our work in publications and at conferences in the United States and overseas. These scholarly pursuits go hand-in-hand with teaching, as our research interests and experiences abroad animate our courses.


Submissions from 1994

Jose Luis Castillo-Puche: una Vision de America, Concha Alborg

Mercedes Formica: Falangismo y Feminismo, Concha Alborg

Canonicite, Reputation, Fortune Litteraire, Robert R. Daniel

The Press, Robert R. Daniel

Artaud and Arrabal: The Aesthetics of the Erotic, Thomas J. Donahue

The Use of the Mask in Actor Training: Mnouchkine and Bing, Thomas J. Donahue

El Discurso Testimonial en Mario Benedetti, Carmen Faccini

The Implications of Epeon Nomos in Works and Days 403, Maria S. Marsilio

America, el Sincretismo y la Comedia: Recreating a National Identity, Robert M. Shannon

Otherness, America and the Comedia: Recreating a National Identity, Robert M. Shannon

Mütter zwischen Ost und West (Trans. Mother Figures between East and West), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Voraussicht und Voraussage in der Prosa Christoph Heins (Trans. Foresight and Prediction in the Prose Literature of Christopher Hein), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1993

Cinco Figuras en Torno a la Novela de Posguerra: Galvarriato, Soriano, Formica, Boixados, y Aldecoa., Concha Alborg

Jose Luis Castillo-Puche, Concha Alborg

'Julia' de Isabel-Clara Simo: una Musa Libertaria, Concha Alborg

Marina Mayoral, Concha Alborg

Review of "Tormenta de Verano", Concha Alborg

A Dynamic Model of the Literary Canon, Robert R. Daniel

Narrating Parisan Realities: Reporting on 'Scherer l'Invalide, Robert R. Daniel

Political Terror, Robert R. Daniel

Structures of Meaning: A Semiotic Approach to the Play Text, Thomas J. Donahue

Italian and American Feminist Thought at a Crossroad: Differences and/in Italian Feminism, Paola Giuli

Historicity and Universal Truth: The Creation of Lope de Vega's Flemish and American Plays, Robert M. Shannon

The Staging of America in Golden Age Theater: Scenery, Costumes, Special Effects, Robert M. Shannon

Aspekte der Zweistaatlichkeit in deutscher Prosa der achtziger Jahre, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1992

Introduction and Notes, Concha Alborg

'Julia' de Isabel-Clara Simo; una Musa Libertaria, Concha Alborg

Maria Dolores Boixados: Una Escritora Transterrada, Concha Alborg

The Bostonian Cult of Classicism: The Reception of Goethe and Schiller in the Literary Reviews of 'The North American Review' 'Christian Examiner' and 'The Dial (1817-1865)', Thomas L. Buckley

ABD to Assistant Professor: Steps and Strategies, Robert R. Daniel

French XX Bibliography: Critical and Biographical References for the Study of French Literature since 1885, Thomas J. Donahue

Feminism and Deconstruction, Paola Giuli

Ugolino e San Luca (Inferno XXXIII, 37-34), Paola Giuli

The Staging of America: Scenery, Costumes, Special Effects, Robert M. Shannon

Berlin and Its Future Position within the EC, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Contemporary Culture in the Classroom - A German Perspective, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Das langanhaltende Schweigen zur 'Deutschen Frage' in der westdeutschen Bellestristik (Trans. The Long Lasting Silence in German Literature Concerning the 'German Question'), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1991

Al Club Nautico, Concha Alborg

Ana Rossetti y el Relato Erotico, Concha Alborg

A Never Ending Autobiography: The Fiction of Carmen Martin Graite, Concha Alborg

Entries on Bioxados, Forrellad, Laforet, Melcon, Ortiz, Puertolas, Soriano, and Torres, Concha Alborg

Las Artes Plasticas en la Narrtiva de Marina Mayoral: de Metaficcion a Metaarte, Concha Alborg

Lo Gallego en la Narrativa de Marina Mayoral, Concha Alborg

Marina Mayoral's Narrative: Old Families and New Faces from Galicia, Concha Alborg

Streets, Spectacles, Crowds, Flaneries: Public Scenes and the Ambulatory Observer in Baudelaire and Ourliac, Robert R. Daniel

Copeau, Vilar and Mnochkine: Popular Theater and Paradox, Thomas J. Donahue

Christina di Belgioioso's Orient, Paola Giuli

Cristina di Belgioioso's Orient, Paola Giuli

Dramatic Columbus: Lope de Vega's Portrait of an Admiral, Robert M. Shannon

Portrait of an Admiral: The Dramatization of Columbus in Lope's "El nuevo mundo", Robert M. Shannon

The Function of Allegory in Lope de Vega's "El nuevo mundo", Robert M. Shannon

Deutschland: Hauptstadt und Kulturregionen (Trans. Germany: Capital [City] and Cultural Areas), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Deutschland, Österreich und die Schweiz: ihre Hauptstädte und Kulturregionen (Trans. Germany, Austria, and Switzerland: Their Capitals and Cultural Influences), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Mauerperspektiven: von Autoren, die die DDR verliessen (Trans. Perspectives of the Wall: Of Authors Who Left the GDR), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1990

Feminist Literary Criticism: Theory and Practice in Contemporary Spanish Fiction, Concha Alborg

La Autobiografia de Nunca Acabar: la Ficcion de Carmen Martin Gaite, Concha Alborg

Review of "Estudios Sobre Jose Luis Castillo-Puche", Concha Alborg

Una Revaloracion de la Trilogia 'Mujer y Hombre' de Elena Soriano, Concha Alborg

Baudelaire et Ourliac en 1845, Robert R. Daniel

The Aesthetics of Excess: The Erotic in Bataille, Artuad, and Arrabal, Thomas J. Donahue

About Derrida's 'of Grammatology': Deconstruction, Theory of Meaning, and Literacy Criticism, Paola Giuli

Charlotte Brontë's Lucy Snowe and her Queens: Cleopatra and Vashti as Paradigms of Lucy's Creative Awakening, Paola Giuli

Echoes from the Epics: The Date of Composition of Lope's "El nuevo mundo", Robert M. Shannon

Review of "La presumida y la hermosa [Brains or Beauty]", Robert M. Shannon

Literarische Bilanz der achtziger Jahre: westdeusche Autoren thematisieren die 'Deutsche Frage', Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Methodology of Teaching German Culture: '2x, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1989

Conversacion con Elena Soriano, Concha Alborg

Critica Literaria Feminista en Espanol: el Estado de la Cuestion, Concha Alborg

Eulalia Galvarriato: Una Sombra de la Posguerra, Concha Alborg

'La Enredadres de Josafina Aldecoa: una Devoradora de Mujeres, Concha Alborg

Las Artes Plasticas en la Narrativa de Marine Mayoral: de Metaficcion a Meta-arte, Concha Alborg

Las Narradoras Espanolas Desde la Democracia, Concha Alborg

La Trilogia de la Liberacion de Jose Luis Castillo-Puche, Concha Alborg

Review of "Los Murcielagos no Son Parajos", Concha Alborg

Review of "Secrets From the Back Room: the Fiction of Carmen Martin Gaite", Concha Alborg

Review of "Teoria y Practica de la Novela Espanola Postmoderna", Concha Alborg

Annual Baudelaire Bibliography and Bibliographical Supplement, Robert R. Daniel

Literature, Religion, Politics, Counter-Revolution: The Case of Edouard Ourliac, Robert R. Daniel

Jean Vilar and Mnouchkine: Parallels and Paradoxes, Thomas J. Donahue

The Space of Beckett's 'Endgame' Revisited, Thomas J. Donahue

Myth, Legend, and History, Robert M. Shannon

The Amerindian of the Golden Stage: Stereotypes of a People, Robert M. Shannon

Visions of the New World in the Drama of Lope de Vega, Robert M. Shannon

40 Jahre Deutsch-Deutsche Fragen- Literatur in Landeskundeunterrecht (Trans. Forty Years of German-German Questions-Literature in a Culture Classroom, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Aspects of German Business for International Trade, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Die Thematisierung der Deutschen Zweistatlichkeit in der Literatur der Bundesrepublik (Trans. West German Authors Deal with the 'Two German States'), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

How to Do Business with Germany, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1988

Eulalia Galvarriato Cuentista, Concha Alborg

Metaficcion y Feminismo en Rosa Montero, Concha Alborg

Review of "En Torno al Hombre y a los Monstruos", Concha Alborg

Review of "Mimesis y Cultura en la Ficcion: Teoria de la Novela", Concha Alborg

Lope: Political-Utopian Thinker, Robert M. Shannon

2 x Deutschland: Strategien für den Landeskundeunterricht (Trans. 2 x Germany: Strategies for a Culture Class), Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Teaching GDR/FRG Relations in a German Culture Class, Dagmar Wienroeder-Skinner

Submissions from 1987

Cuatro Narradoras de la Transicion, Concha Alborg

'Paraiso Encerrado' de Jesus Fernandez Santos: Historia, Ficcion, y Realidad, Concha Alborg

Review of "Valle-Inclan's Modernism: Use and Abuse of Religious and Mystical Symbolism", Concha Alborg

Tendencias Literarias en Espana Desde la Democracia, Concha Alborg

Una Revaloracion de la Trilogia 'Mujer y Hombre' de Elena Soriano, Concha Alborg

Toward an Epistemology of Structuralism: Saussure and Derrida on the Arbitrary Nature of the Linguistic Sign, Paola Giuli