The Impact of Dual-Earner Couples' Beliefs about Career Priority on the Support Exchange → Well Being Relationship

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Our study of 120 partners in dual-earner relationships (sixty couples with data collected from both partners) examined the impact of two independent variables - differentials in support and magnitude of support provision - on quality of life and marital conflict. We also investigated the role of individuals' normative beliefs about career priorities in dual-earner relationships on the support-well being relationship. Our results supported our hypotheses that the magnitude of tangible and emotional support provision would be negatively related to marital conflict and positively related to quality of life. We also found that emotional support differentials related to elevated marital conflict, and that tangible support differentials contributed to decreased life quality. Finally, our data indicated that normative beliefs about career priorities moderated relationships between tangible support differentials and marital conflict, and magnitude of emotional support and quality of life.

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