In concert with the Ignatian vision of intellectual excellence informed by conscience, our mission as the Department of Management is to develop leaders who have a broad, value-oriented perspective, and who are able to integrate many dimensions of organizations--behavioral, cultural, economic, environmental, ethical, historical, international, legal, and structural--in making balanced and responsible decisions that affect their organizations, their stakeholders, and themselves. We prepare students to continue in life as creative, highly skilled and intellectually curious learners who exhibit rigorous, moral, and stakeholder-based discernment in their actions and decision-making.

The department offers majors and minors in International Business; Family Business and Entrepreneurship; Leadership, Ethics and Organizational Sustainability; Managing Human Capital and a major in Business Administration.

Note: Content from earlier years is contained in Management & Information Systems


Submissions from 1982

The Vanishing Breed: Recruitment and Retention Problems in the Volunteer Fire Service, Vincent P. McNally

Submissions from 1981

The Craft of Public Administration, Vincent P. McNally

Submissions from 1980

Community Awareness: A Neglected Fire Service Resource, Vincent P. McNally

Developing a Comprehensive Fire Prevention Program, Vincent P. McNally

Firefighter Layoffs: Ring That Fire Alarm Gently, Vincent P. McNally

The Art and Science of Running a Public Meeting, Vincent P. McNally

Volunteer Fire Service Management, Vincent P. McNally

Submissions from 1979

A Most Dangerous and Noble Calling: The Development, Organization and Operation of the American Volunteer Fire Service, Vincent P. McNally

Arson Fight Hinges on 5 Key Areas, Vincent P. McNally

Elements of Leadership, Vincent P. McNally

How Financing is Obtained by Volunteer Fire Departments, Vincent P. McNally

The Fires of Intent: Arson Policy in Suburban Areas, Vincent P. McNally

Submissions from 1976

Human Resources: Their Measurement and Function in a Complex Medical Research Environment, Nicholas S. Rashford S.J.

Submissions from 1975

Toward Stewardship: An Interim Ethic of Poverty, Pollution and Power, William J. Byron S.J.