The Marketing Department provides a rigorous education in the theory and practice of marketing while also providing opportunities to more thoroughly investigate a particular aspect of the field so that students can succeed and thrive in today’s ever changing and challenging global marketplace. Students are our primary customers and are active partners in this educational process.

In addition to general Marketing, the department offers programs in Advertising & Promotion, Sports, Entertainment, Public Relations, and Digital Media.


Submissions from 2017

Music and its multitude of meanings: Exploring what makes brand placements in music videos authentic, Janée N. Burkhalter

Submissions from 2016

Popular Music in Super Bowl Commercials 2005-2014, David Allan

From General to Specific: Understanding Individual Characteristics and their Relationship with Neural Recordings during Media Consumption, Janée N. Burkhalter

Simulated Attention-Tracking Methodologies: An Examination of Measurement Efficacy, James B. Kelley

Popular Music in Super Bowl Commercials 2005-2014, Stephanie A. Tryce

Submissions from 2015

Online Brand Community: The Individual Motivation Continuum of Brand Website Interactivity. A Self-Determination Theory Perspective., James B. Kelley

The Extent and Nature of External Information Search at the Point of Sale: The Explanatory Capacity of Eye-Tracking Techniques., James B. Kelley

Credibility in the Blogosphere: A Study of Measurement and Influence of Wine Blogs as an Information Source, Michael R. Solomon

Submissions from 2014

Brand Engagement in Self-Concept: What Role Does It Play in an Online Brand Community?, James B. Kelley

Submissions from 2013

The Effect Of Global Company Animosity On Global Brand Attitudes In Emerging And Developed Markets: Does Perceived Value Matter?, James B. Kelley

Submissions from 2012

Advertisement Disclaimer Speed and Corporate Social Responsibility: “Costs” to Consumer Comprehension and Effects on Brand Trust and Purchase Intention, David Allan

More Is More: 60 Plus 10 Equals Better Recall, David Allan

On The Dangers Of Pulling A Fast One: Advertisement Disclaimer Speed, Brand Trust, And Purchase Intention, David Allan

Radio Advertising: Blip Commercials, David Allan

Television Ads and Popular Music, David Allan

Turn It Up! That's My Song In That Ad, David Allan

Advertising to the Beat: An Analysis of Brand Placements in Hip-Hop Music Videos, Janée N. Burkhalter

The Story of Taste: Using EEGs and Self-Reports to Understand Consumer Choice, Janée N. Burkhalter

Global Cultural Identity: An Examination of Bi-cultural Self-Concepts Through Priming in Australia., James B. Kelley

Buying the Farm: Strategies Young Enterpreneurs [Entrepreneurs] Use to Prepare for the Future, Diane M. Phillips

Informational/Transformational Appeals In Political Advertising: An Analysis Of The Advertising Strategies Of 2010 U.S. Gubernatorial Campaigns, Feng Shen

Transformational Leadership: Managing the Twenty‐First Century Sales Force, Brent A. Smith

Submissions from 2011

Global Cultural Identity: An Examination of Bicultural and Hybrid Self-concept through Priming, James B. Kelley

The Global Consumer - Who Is It., James B. Kelley

The Impact of Ethical Consumerism in Australia and South Korea., James B. Kelley

Personal Ethics of Today's Sports Fans: Connecting Cultural Values, Ethical Ideologies, and Ethical Intentions, Brent A. Smith

Who Shall Lead Us? How Cultural Values and Ethical Ideologies Guide Young Marketers’ Evaluations of the Transformational Manager–Leader, Brent A. Smith

Adonis or Atrocious: Spokesavatars and Source Effects in Immersive Digital Environments, Michael R. Solomon

Adonis or Atrocious Spokesavatars and Source Effects in Immersive Digital Environments, Natalie Wood

Marketing in Virtual Worlds: Student Workbook, Natalie Wood

Marketing in Virutal Worlds: An Instructor's Guide, Natalie Wood

Tweeting Stars: The Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsed Tweets on Brand Engagement, Natalie Wood

Submissions from 2010

Developing Music Marketing as a Component of Business Education, David Allan

On the Dangers of Pulling a Fast One: The Effects of Advertisment Disclaimer Speed and Consumer Brand Familarity on Product Trust and Purchase Intention, David Allan

Choice and Conflict Between Sacred and Secular Music: A Conversation Piece for Teaching Marketing Ethics, Janée N. Burkhalter

Gerontographics and Mass Media Preferences of Mature Consumers, Janée N. Burkhalter

Is That What I Think It Is?: The Role of the Frontal Lobe and Influences on Taste, Janée N. Burkhalter

I've Got The Feeling: Consumers' Physiological Responses to Brand Placement, Janée N. Burkhalter

Music Makes Me Move: Consumers' Relationships with Music and its Impact on their Extra-Musical Consumption Behaviors, Janée N. Burkhalter

Consumers Global Brand Attitude: A Two Country Study., James B. Kelley

Global Consumer Culture: Consumers' Global Brand Attitude in Brazil and Germany, James B. Kelley

Walking the Walk: Putting Social Responsibility into Action at the White Dog Cafe, Diane M. Phillips

Market Scarcity and Persuasion: An Information Congruity Perspective, Feng Shen

Neural Structures of Emotional Responses to Television Commercials: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study, Feng Shen

Choice and Conflict Between Sacred and Secular Music: A Conversation Piece for Teaching Marketing Ethics, Brent A. Smith

Gazelle, Lion, Hyena, Vulture, and Worm: A Teaching Metaphor on Competition Between Early and Late Market Entrants, Brent A. Smith

If Culture is Software of the Mind, Then Ours Needs an Upgrade: Lamentations on our Illiteracy of African Business and Culture, Brent A. Smith

Software, Distance, Friction, and More: A Review of Lessons and Losses in the Debate for a Better Metaphor on Culture, Brent A. Smith

Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, Michael R. Solomon

Corporate Education Goes Virtual: A Hybrid Approach to Experiential Learning, Michael R. Solomon

Digital Identity Management: Old Wine in New Bottles, Michael R. Solomon

Consumer Attitudes toward Organic Foods: An Exploration of U.S. Market Segments, Julie V. Stanton

Corporate Education Goes Virtual: A Hybrid Approach to Experiential Learning, Natalie Wood

Growing Up 'Virtual': Interactive Technologies and Their Impact on Adolescent Consumer Behavior, Natalie Wood

Real Lessons in Virtual Worlds: Using Virtual World Technology to Educate and Train Business Students, Natalie Wood

Virtual Freedom for People with Disabilities, Natalie Wood

Submissions from 2009

Another Brick In The Wall: Incorporating Music into the Marketing Classroom, David Allan

Does 60 Plus 10 Equal Recall, David Allan

Incorporating Ethics Into The Marketing Communications Class: The Case Of Old Joe And New Jo Camel, David Allan

Coaching in the Law Firm Setting, Stephen P. Gallagher

Strategic Planning for Solos and Small Firms in a World of Want, Stephen P. Gallagher

Succession Planning in Today's Turbulent Legal Marketplace, Stephen P. Gallagher

Does Innovativeness Drive Environmentally Conscious Consumer Behavior?, Diane M. Phillips

Performance is in the Eye of the Beholder: Stakeholders and How Their Variant Definitions Impact Assessment of Public Transit Performance, Diane M. Phillips

The Role of Innovativeness in Environmentally Conscious Consumer Behavior, Diane M. Phillips

Brand You, Kimberly Karen Richmond

Awareness, Interest, Sensitivity, and Advocacy - AISA: An Educational 'Take-Away' for Business Ethics Students, Brent A. Smith

Ethical Ideology and Cultural Orientation: Understanding the Individualized Ethical Inclinations of Marketing Students, Brent A. Smith

Understanding Cultural Frames In The Multicultural Sales Organization: Prospects And Problems For The Sales Manager, Brent A. Smith

Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having, and Being, Michael R. Solomon

Consumer Behavior: In Fashion, Michael R. Solomon

Consumer Behaviour: A European Perspective, Michael R. Solomon

From Interactive to Immersive: Advertising Education Takes a Virtual Leap of Faith, Michael R. Solomon

Knowledge Management as Competitive Advantage in the Textile and Apparel Value Chain: Strategies of Large Versus Small Firms, Michael R. Solomon

Launch! Advertising and Promotion in Real Time, Michael R. Solomon

Marketing: Real People, Real Choices, Michael R. Solomon

The Truth about What Customers Want, Michael R. Solomon

Virtually Me: Youth Consumers and Their Online Identities, Michael R. Solomon

Virtual Social Identity and Consumer Behavior, Michael R. Solomon

A Recipe for Success: Understanding Regional Perceptions of Authenticity in Themed Restaurants, Natalie Wood

College 2.0: Creating Your Virtual Campus, Natalie Wood

College 2.0: Creating Your Virtual Campus, Natalie Wood

Cultural Dimensions and Body Dimensions: Female Identity Construction in Virtual Worlds, Natalie Wood

Ethnic Identity Negotiation: The Implications of Short Term Exposures to a Similar Culture, Natalie Wood

(Virtual) Direct Selling, Natalie Wood

Virtually Me: Youth Consumers and Their Online Identities, Natalie Wood

Virtual Social Identity and Consumer Behavior, Natalie Wood

Virtual Social Identity: Welcome to the Metaverse, Natalie Wood

Submissions from 2008

A Content Analysis Of Music Placement In Prime-Time Television Advertising, David Allan

Don't Blink Or You Might Miss It, David Allan

Staking Your Claim in the Land Rush of Virtual World Education: How to Build a Second Life Campus, David Allan

Virtual Learning Becomes A Virtual Reality, David Allan

Virtual Learning Becomes A Virtual Reality, David Allan

Welcome to the Matrix: E-Learning Gets a Second Life, David Allan

Welcome To The Matrix: E-Learning Gets A Second Life, David Allan

Doctoral Student Life, Janée N. Burkhalter

Do You Have What It Takes? Determinants of Minority Supplier Inclusion in Industrial Buyer Consideration Sets, Janée N. Burkhalter

Eleven Years in the Life of Hip Hop, Janée N. Burkhalter

Making Ends Meet: How Will The Elderly Manage Their Finances And Post-Retirement Expenses?, Janée N. Burkhalter

Can Consumers’ Global/Local Consumption Orientation Be Primed?, James B. Kelley