The Marketing Department provides a rigorous education in the theory and practice of marketing while also providing opportunities to more thoroughly investigate a particular aspect of the field so that students can succeed and thrive in today’s ever changing and challenging global marketplace. Students are our primary customers and are active partners in this educational process.

In addition to general Marketing, the department offers programs in Advertising & Promotion, Sports, Entertainment, Public Relations, and Digital Media.


Submissions from 1985

The Female Clothes Horse: From Aesthetics to Tactics, Michael R. Solomon

Submissions from 1984

The Concept of Service Encounters: An Application to Health Services Marketing, Michael R. Solomon

Utilitarian, Aesthetic, and Familiarity Responses to Verbal versus Visual Advertisements, Michael R. Solomon

Submissions from 1983

Clothing the Female Executive: Fashion or Fortune?, Michael R. Solomon

Service Encounters are Human Interactions, Michael R. Solomon

The Relationship of Age and Gender Subcultures to the Consumption of Rational and Arational Experiences, Michael R. Solomon

Submissions from 1982

A Research Program in the Analysis of Service Transaction Encounters, Michael R. Solomon

Competition and Cooperation among Culture Production Systems, Michael R. Solomon

Discounting: Implications for Affirmative Action Programs, Michael R. Solomon

Submissions from 1981

Self Consciousness and Clothing, Michael R. Solomon

Submissions from 1979

Preventing Discrimination Complaints: A Guide for Supervisors, Richard Peres

Submissions from 1978

Dealing with Employment Discrimination, Richard Peres