Physicists study the properties and behavior of matter and energy in a wide variety of contexts, ranging from the sub-microscopic particles from which all ordinary matter is made (particle physics) to the behavior of the Universe as a whole (cosmology). Physics primarily is the science that deals with exploring the rules of nature and the fundamental understanding of nature that comes from the study of physics is central to all the natural sciences, applied sciences and technology, and thus profoundly affects the life of every human along with his or her environment.

The department of Physics at Saint Joseph's has developed a research-oriented culture for both its faculty and students. It is expected that most students will be involved with some sort of research activity over their four-year development in the discipline of physics. The ability to put into practice what is learned in the classroom is paramount to the growth of young scientists. In the research laboratory, students will learn to ask appropriate questions, design and perform experiments to answer those questions, analyze data using computational methods, and draw appropriate conclusions. Students will also be exposed to the interfaces of physics and biology, and physics and chemistry, exposing them to how the methods of physics are central to addressing key problems in other disciplines.


Submissions from 1984

Membrane Potential and Surface Potential in Mitochondria: Binding of a Cationic Spin Probe, Paul Joseph Angiolillo

Front Propagation in Self-Sustained and Laser Driven Explosive Crystal Growth, Douglas A. Kurtze

Location of Zeros in the Complex Temperature Plane: Absence of Lee-Yang Theorem, Douglas A. Kurtze

Submissions from 1983

Yang-Lee Edge Singularities in One-Dimensional Ising and n-Vector Models, Douglas A. Kurtze

Submissions from 1982

Resolved Florescent Emission of Iron-Free Cytochrome c, Paul Joseph Angiolillo

Submissions from 1981

Structural Features and the Reaction Mechanism of Cytrochrome Oxidase: Iron and Copper X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure, Paul Joseph Angiolillo

Submissions from 1980

Identification and Assay of Synchrotron Radiation Induced Alterations of Metalloenzymes and Proteins, Paul Joseph Angiolillo

Yang Lee Edge Singularities in Ferromagnetic Systems, Douglas A. Kurtze

Submissions from 1979

Yang-Lee Edge Singularities at High Temperatures, Douglas A. Kurtze

Yang-Lee Edge Singularities in Ferromagnetic Systems, Douglas A. Kurtze

Submissions from 1978

The Yang-Lee Edge Singularity in Spherical Models, Douglas A. Kurtze