Aristotle described the study of politics as the master science. In accord with that definition, the political science major at Saint Joseph's University is rooted firmly in the Liberal Arts tradition of Jesuit education, incorporating both humanistic and scientific approaches in its curriculum. It familiarizes students with the main branches of contemporary political science, from the timeless classics of political thought to the contemporary issues affecting American, regional, and world politics. In all of its courses, the department seeks to make its students aware of the increasing interconnectedness between domestic affairs, international trends, and developments. By encouraging its students to develop a life-long love of learning, a sense of responsible citizenship, the habit of critical analysis, and the ability to effectively express oneself through speaking and writing, the Political Science major offers a solid foundation for graduate and legal studies, as well as careers in government, education, communications, and commerce.


Submissions from 1998

The Value and Mechanisms of Stability: A New Liberalism for Greener Times, Susan P. Liebell

The Social Construction of Globalization, Wesley W. Widmaier

Submissions from 1997

A Tale of Two Metallurgical Enterprises: Marketization and the Social Conflict in Russian Industry, Lisa A. Baglione

Finishing START and Achieving Unilateral Reductions: Leadership and Arms Control at the End of the Cold War, Lisa A. Baglione

Towards a Liberal Materialist Theory of State Expansion: The United States 1775-1848 and Isreal 1967-1997, Jonathan B. Isacoff

After Appomattox: The Guerrilla War That Never Was, Anthony J. Joes

The Case for a Free Market in Legal Education, Francis Graham Lee

Theology Faculties and Church Oversight: A Modest Proposal, Francis Graham Lee

The Supreme Court and the President, Francis Graham Lee

Interpreting the Mexican Peso Crisis, Wesley W. Widmaier

Submissions from 1996

Contemporary Labor Relations in Russian Industry: A Study of Two Metallurgical Enterprises, Lisa A. Baglione

Enterprise Restructuring and the System of Labor Relations: Transforming the Employment Relationship in Russian Industry, Lisa A. Baglione

Politics, and Economics in Eastern Europe, Lisa A. Baglione

The Challenge for Creating Representative Unions: The Case of the GMPR, Lisa A. Baglione

Continuity and Change in Guerrilla Warfare: The Spanish and Afghan Cases, Anthony J. Joes

Guerrilla Conflict before the Cold War, Anthony J. Joes

Guerrilla Warfare: A Historical, Biographical and Bibliographical Sourcebook, Anthony J. Joes

The New Dollars and Sense of Law School Debt, Francis Graham Lee

The Political Scientist as Pre-Law Advisor: A Workshop, Francis Graham Lee

The Religious Right: Right or Wrong, Francis Graham Lee

The Value of A.B.A. Accreditation: A Debate, Francis Graham Lee

Young Lawyers Seek Cases to Argue, Francis Graham Lee

The Inequality of Environmental Goods: Liberalism and the Challenge of Future Generations, Susan P. Liebell

Constructing Global Finance, Wesley W. Widmaier

Submissions from 1995

Politcal and Social Issues: The Former Soviet Republicans, Lisa A. Baglione

The Importance of Participation in Ensuring the Success of Economic and Political Reforms: A Lesson from the 1993 Russian Parliamentary Elections, Lisa A. Baglione

All Imaginable Liberty: The Religious Liberty Clauses of the First Amendment, Francis Graham Lee

Mechanisms of Stability: Liberal Institutions and the Environment, Susan P. Liebell

Social Learning and Change in World Politics, Wesley W. Widmaier

The Construction of the Latin American Debt Crisis, Wesley W. Widmaier

Submissions from 1994

Consequences of the Transition in Russia: Popular Rejection of Reform?, Lisa A. Baglione

Looking East: A Generation of Progressive Movements, 1910-1940, Lisa A. Baglione

New Trade Unions and Democratic Development in Russia, Lisa A. Baglione

New Trade Unions, Workers' Response and Post Soviet Labor Relations, Lisa A. Baglione

'Bakke' Revisited, Francis Graham Lee

Will the ABA Section of Legal Education Go To Hell? Reflections on Massachusetts School of Law v. American Bar Associates et al., Francis Graham Lee

A Constructivist Approach to the Study of Learning in International Relations, Wesley W. Widmaier

Submissions from 1993

Review of "The Soviet Social Contract and Why It Failed: Welfare Policy and Workers' Politics From Brezhnev to Yeltsin", Lisa A. Baglione

Should We Hold These Truths: A Reappraisal of the Murray-Drinan View on Religious Liberty Under the Constitution, Francis Graham Lee

The Constitutional Law Teacher as Pre-Law Advisor: A Roundtable, Francis Graham Lee

Rawlsian Liberal Democratic Theory: Individuals v. Humanity? The Case of the Environment, Susan P. Liebell

Submissions from 1992

Review of "Law and Morality in Isreal's War with the PLO", James E. Dougherty

Modern Guerrilla Insurgency, Anthony J. Joes

Review of "Cruel April: The Fall of Saigon", Anthony J. Joes

Accomodationism and Separationism Redefined: The Rehnquist Court, Francis Graham Lee

Improving the Validity of Law School Admissions, Francis Graham Lee

Religious Liberty Hypotheticals, Francis Graham Lee

Submissions from 1991

Ethics of War and Peace, James E. Dougherty

Religious-Ethical Debate About War, Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence, James E. Dougherty

U.S. - Soviet Relations in the Age of Perestroika, James E. Dougherty

Review of "Lyndon Johnson's War: The Road to Stalemate in Vietnam", Anthony J. Joes

Review of "To Reason Why: The Debate about U.S. Involvement in the Vietnam War", Anthony J. Joes

Back to the Basics: The First Amendment as Absolute, Francis Graham Lee

First Amendment Workshop, Francis Graham Lee

Law School Data Assembly Workshop for New Pre-Law Advisors, Francis Graham Lee

Limited Government and Individual Freedom, Francis Graham Lee

Religious Liberty: The Forgotten Freedom, Francis Graham Lee

Submissions from 1990

Domestic Politics, Social Cognition, and Arms Control: Soviet Decision-Making for the Limited Test Ban Treaty, Lisa A. Baglione

Contemporary Catholic Thought on Pacifism and the Just War Doctrine in Light of the Current Persian Gulf Crisis, James E. Dougherty

Contending Theories of International Relations: A Comprehensive Survey, James E. Dougherty

Deterrence and Arms Control in a Changing International Strategic Environment, James E. Dougherty

German Unification: Process, Problems and Prospects, James E. Dougherty

Review of "Fascism and the Mafia", Anthony J. Joes

All Imaginable Liberty: The Religious Liberty Clauses of the First Amendment, Francis Graham Lee

Review of "'Marbury vs. Madison' and Judicial Review", Francis Graham Lee

Roundtable on Constitutional Rights with Fred Friendly, Francis Graham Lee

The Bill of Rights: A Plaintive Cry for Strict Constructivism, Francis Graham Lee

Submissions from 1989

Nuclear Deterrence: Ethical and Strategic Issues, James E. Dougherty

Reinhold Neibuhr and the Foundations of American Realist Theories of International Politics in the 20th Century, James E. Dougherty

The Development of U.S. Foreign Policy and Nuclear Strategy, 1945-1963, James E. Dougherty

US and European Responses to Gorbachev's Perestroika and Arms Control Overtures, James E. Dougherty

Review of "Cloak and Gown: Scholars in the Secret War, 1939-1961", Anthony J. Joes

The War for South Viet Nam, 1954-1975, Anthony J. Joes

Third World Coups, Foreign Intervention and International Order, Anthony J. Joes

American Catholic Colleges and the Vatican, Francis Graham Lee

Catholic Attitudes and the First Amendment's Religious Clauses, Francis Graham Lee

Submissions from 1988

Foreign Policy Issues in Presidential Election Year, James E. Dougherty

John Courtney Murray's Contribution to Catholic Thinking on the First Amendment, James E. Dougherty

Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space: A Perspective from the United States of America, James E. Dougherty

Reinhold Niebuhr's Biblical Anthropology and the Philosophical Roots of Political Realism, James E. Dougherty

Spain and the Future of NATO, James E. Dougherty

The Ethics of Nuclear Deterrence, James E. Dougherty

U.S. - Soviet Relations: Are We at a Turning Point?, James E. Dougherty

Armed Forces and Revolutions, Anthony J. Joes

Candidates in Catholic Graduate Schools Available for Teaching Positions, 1988-1989, Francis Graham Lee

Cooperative Graduate Degrees: Catholic, Methodists, the MBA and M.S. Degrees, Francis Graham Lee

Differences for Those Who Want Them, Francis Graham Lee

Do Those Who Take Rights Seriously Take the Constitution Seriously?, Francis Graham Lee

Roe and Doe Meet Carrie Buck: The Supreme Court on Abortion and Sterilization, Francis Graham Lee

Seminar of Freedom of Religion, Francis Graham Lee

Seminar on the Constitution, Francis Graham Lee

Separation and Division of Powers and the Preservation of Individual Liberty, Francis Graham Lee

The Rehnquist Court and the First Amemendment, Francis Graham Lee

Submissions from 1987

Christian Pacifism, Just War, and Nuclear Deterrence, James E. Dougherty

East-West Arms Negotiations and the European Allies, James E. Dougherty

George F. Kennan Revisited, James E. Dougherty

Gorbachev's Proposal for a Nonnuclear World by the Year 2000: Vision, Ploy, or What?, James E. Dougherty

International Security and Outer Space: A Perspective from the United States of America, James E. Dougherty

Sdi, Ethical and Strategic Implications, James E. Dougherty

The Prevention of an Arm's Race in Outer Space, James E. Dougherty