Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior in all of its many manifestations. The Department of Psychology of Saint Joseph's offers students an exciting and challenging curriculum. The broad range of courses provides opportunities for understanding psychology as both a scientific and a corporate discipline. The department's focus is on relevant, current research and the application of that research in experimental, clinical, counseling, health care and corporate settings. The full spectrum of activities and concerns of psychologists are covered, with consideration given to ethical issues.

Students with a wide range of interests find psychology personally appealing and professionally relevant. Students use the psychology major as a gateway to a diverse range of employment opportunities, including the health and legal professions, human resources and management positions, education and school counseling, and other social, industrial and organizational situations. For those students interested in pursuing graduate study in psychology, the department offers a five-year bachelor's/master's degree program that offers training in the areas of behavioral neuroscience, clinical psychology and neuropsychology, behavioral pediatrics, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and developmental psychology.

Our graduates are currently college professors, researchers, school psychologists, counselors, developmental psychologists, personnel managers, educators, learning disability specialists, social workers, physicians, attorneys, and successful businessmen and women.


Submissions from 2017

Budgie in the Mirror: An Exploratory Analysis of Social Behaviors and Mirror Use in the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), Matthew J. Anderson

Personality Types in Budgerigars, Melopsittacus undulatus, Matthew J. Anderson

Children’s Distributive Justice: The Role of Gender Norms in Different Settings, Clare Conry-Murray

Parental Behaviors and Sleep/Wake Patterns of Infants and Toddlers in Hong Kong, China, Jodi Mindell

Avi Sadeh, DSc (1957-2016) OBITUARY, Jodi A. Mindell

Child Sleep Coaches: Current State and Future Directions, Jodi A. Mindell

Young Child and Maternal Sleep in the Middle East, Jodi A. Mindell

An Alternative Approach to Interpreting Baseline Neurocognitive Performance in High School Athletes with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Learning Difficulties, Philip Schatz

One Year Test–Retest Reliability of Neurocognitive Baseline Scores in 10-to 12-Year Olds, Philip Schatz

What is the difference in concussion management in children as compared with adults? A systematic review, Philip Schatz

Predictors of Stress Generation in Adolescents in Mainland China, J H. Shih

Submissions from 2016

Young Adults in the United States and Benin Reason About Gendered Cultural Traditions, Clare Conry-Murray

Development of Infant and Toddler Sleep Patterns: Real‐World Data from a Mobile Application, Jodi Mindell

Individual and Socio-Demographic Factors Related to Presenting Problem and Diagnostic Impressions at a Pediatric Sleep Clinic, Jodi Mindell

Infant Sleep Interventions – Methodological and Conceptual Issues, Jodi Mindell

Pacifier Use, Finger Sucking, and Infant Sleep, Jodi Mindell

Sleep Well!: A Pilot Study of an Education Campaign to Improve Sleep of Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Children, Jodi Mindell

Mothers Massaging Their Newborns With Lotion Versus No Lotion Enhances Mothers’ and Newborns’ Sleep, Jodi A. Mindell

Long-term Stability and Reliability of Baseline Cognitive Assessments in High School Athletes Using ImPACT at 1-, 2-, and 3-year Test–Retest Intervals, Philip Schatz

Removal From Play After Concussion and Recovery Time, Philip Schatz

Submissions from 2014

Beyond Deserving More: Psychological Entitlement Also Predicts Negative Attitudes toward Personally Relevant Out-Groups, Phyllis A. Anastasio

Entitlement Is about ‘Others’, Narcissism Is Not: Relations to Sociotropic and Autonomous Interpersonal Styles, Phyllis A. Anastasio

'Cross-Cultural Differences In The Sleep Of Preschool Children': Corrigendum, Jodi Mindell

Utility Of Repeated Assessment After Invalid Baseline Neurocognitive Test Performance, Philip Schatz

Submissions from 2013

Exposure to Novelty Weakens Conditioned Fear in Long-Evans Rats, Matthew J. Anderson

Pink Flamingos All Around, Matthew J. Anderson

The Relationship between Environmental Factors and Flamingo Aggression Examined via Internet Resources, Matthew J. Anderson

Challenges to the Four-Channel Model of Flow: Primary Assumption of Flow Support the Moderate Challenging Control Channel, Judith G. Chapman

Adolescents’ Reasoning About Parental Gender Roles, Clare Elizabeth Conry-Murray

Understanding Gender Differences In Co-Rumination And Confidant Choice In Young Adults, Clare Elizabeth Conry-Murray

Young Children's Understanding Of Beliefs About Moral And Conventional Rule Violations, Clare Elizabeth Conry-Murray

Cross-Cultural Comparison Of Maternal Sleep, Jodi Mindell

Cross-Cultural Differences In The Sleep Of Preschool Children, Jodi Mindell

Prevalence Of Habitual Snoring And Its Correlates In Young Children Across The Asia Pacific, Jodi Mindell

Sleep Education In Pediatric Residency Programs: A Cross-Cultural Look, Jodi Mindell

Individual And Combined Effects Of LD And ADHD On Computerized Neurocognitive Concussion Test Performance: Evidence For Separate Norms, Philip Schatz

One-Month Test-Retest Reliability of the ImPACT Test Battery, Philip Schatz

Sandbagging' Baseline Concussion Testing on ImPACT, Without Detection, Is More Difficult Than It Appears, Philip Schatz

Sandbagging' Baseline Test Performance On Impact, Without Detection, Is More Difficult Than It Appears, Philip Schatz

The Importance Of Proper Administration And Interpretation Of Neuropsychological Baseline And Postconcussion Computerized Testing, Philip Schatz

Gender Differences In Stress Generation: Examination Of Interpersonal Predictors, Josephine Shih

The Immigrant Paradox Among Asian American Women: Are Disparities In The Burden Of Depression And Anxiety Paradoxical Or Explicable?, Josephine Shih

Understanding Gender Differences In Co-Rumination And Confidant Choice In Young Adults, Josephine Shih

Disgust And Contamination: A Cross-National Comparison Of Ghana And The United States, Alexander J. Skolnick

Gender Differences When Touching Something Gross: Unpleasant? No. Disgusting? Yes!, Alexander J. Skolnick

Gender Role Expectations Of Disgust: Men Are Low And Women Are High, Alexander J. Skolnick

Submissions from 2012

Pair Bonding and Lateral Neck-Resting Preferences in Captive Caribbean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber), Matthew J. Anderson

Pair Bonding and Lateral Neckresting Preferences in Captive Caribbean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber)': Corrigendum., Matthew J. Anderson

Predatory Odor Disrupts Social Novelty Preference in Long-Evans Rats, Matthew J. Anderson

Preliminary Evidence of Behavioral Lateralization in the Northern Bald Ibis Geronticus eremita, Matthew J. Anderson

The Effect Of Contour Closure On Shape Recognition, Patrick B. Garrigan

Effect of Current Breastfeeding on Sleep Patterns in Infants from Asia‐Pacific Region, Jodi Mindell

Infant and Toddler Sleep In Australia and New Zealand, Jodi Mindell

Long-Term Relationship Between Breastfeeding and Sleep, Jodi Mindell

Patient and Parent Sleep in a Children's Hospita, Jodi Mindell

Sleep-Related Problems in Childhood, Jodi Mindell

A Case For Mental And Physical Rest In Youth Sports Concussion: It's Never Too Late, Philip Schatz

A Revised Factor Structure For The Post-Concussion Symptom Scale: Baseline And Postconcussion Factors, Philip Schatz

Different Ways of Feeling: Gender and Disgust in Ghana and the United States, Philip Schatz

Efficacy Of Immediate And Delayed Cognitive And Physical Rest For Treatment Of Sports-Related Concussion, Philip Schatz

Epidemiological Shifts In Elderly Traumatic Brain Injury: 18-Year Trends In Pennsylvania, Philip Schatz

Prevalence Of Invalid Computerized Baseline Neurocognitive Test Results In High School And Collegiate Athletes, Philip Schatz

Response To Mayers And Redick: “Clinical Utility Of Impact Assessment For Postconcussion Return-To-Play Counseling: Psychometric Issues”, Philip Schatz

A Daily Diary Study Of Co-Rumination, Stressful Life Events, And Depressed Mood In Late Adolescents, Josephine Shih

Submissions from 2011

Origins of a Sense of Entitlement: Too Much Praise?, Phyllis A. Anastasio

The Effect of Media Messages on Perceptions of Mental Illness, Phyllis A. Anastasio

The Role of Trauma in Adjudicated Youth Attitudes and Beliefs, Phyllis A. Anastasio

Time Crawls When You're Not Having Fun: Feeling Entitled Makes Dull Tasks Drag on, Phyllis A. Anastasio

Age Differences in Associative Interference in Conditioned Taste-aversion, Matthew J. Anderson

Behavioral Laterality and Social Cohesion in Caribbean Flamingos, Phoenicopterus ruber, Matthew J. Anderson

Behavioral Lateralization in the Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita), Matthew J. Anderson

Caribbean Flamingo Resting Behavior and the Influence of Weather Variables, Matthew J. Anderson

Editorial: Special Issue-Pedagogical Activities for Courses on Learning and Memory, Matthew J. Anderson

Employment of Web-based Images and a Live Web Cam in the Examination of Lateral Neck-resting Preferences in the American Flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber), Matthew J. Anderson

Lateral Open-field Turning Preferences and Their Relation to Novel Object Preference in Rats, Matthew J. Anderson

Novel Object Recognition in the Classroom: Establishment of an Online Video Resource for Use by Instructors in Courses on Animal Learning, Memory and Behavior, Matthew J. Anderson

Predator Odor Disrupts Social Novelty Preference in Long-Evans Rats, Matthew J. Anderson

Sex Differences in Romantic Jealousy: Implicit versus Explicit Feelings toward Partner and Rival, Judith G. Chapman

3D and Spatiotemporal Interpolation in Object and Surface Formation, Patrick B. Garrigan

Constant Curvature Parts-Based Representation of Contour Shape, Patrick B. Garrigan

Natural Images from the Birthplace of the Human Eye, Patrick B. Garrigan

The role of constant curvature in 2-D contour shape representations, Patrick B. Garrigan

Parenting in West Indian Families: Relationships to Parental Literacy Beliefs and Practices, Elizabeth Jaeger

Please Hold Me: The Importance of Attachment Relationships in Early Childhood Development, Elizabeth Jaeger

Use of Care and Early Education in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Elizabeth Jaeger

Use of Care and Early Education in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Elizabeth Jaeger

Behavioral Insomnia of Childhood: Bedtime Problems and Night Wakings, Jodi Mindell

Behavioral Interventions for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, Jodi Mindell

Behavioral Treatment of Infant and Toddler Sleep Disturbances, Jodi Mindell

Cross-Cultural Differences in Infant and Toddler Sleep: Translation of Science to Practice, Jodi Mindell

Effect of Current Breast-Feeding Practices on Sleep Patterns in Infants in the Asia-Pacific Region, Jodi Mindell

Efficacy of an Internet-Based Intervention for Infant and Toddler Sleep, Jodi Mindell

Efficacy of an Internet-Based Intervention for Infant and Toddler Sleep: 1-Year Follow-Up, Jodi Mindell

Efficacy of an Internet-Based Intervention for Infant and Toddler Sleep Disturbances, Jodi Mindell

Family-Based Interventions for Sleep Problems of Infants and Children, Jodi Mindell

Genetic and Environmental Influences on Sleep Problems: A Study of Preadolescent and Adolescent Twins, Jodi Mindell

Give Children and Adolescents the Gift of a Good Night's Sleep: A Call to Action, Jodi Mindell

Long-Term Efficacy of an Internet-Based Intervention for Infant and Toddler Sleep: 1-Year Follow-Up, Jodi Mindell

Long-Term Efficacy of an Internet-Based Intervention for Infant and Toddler Sleep: 1-Year Follow-Up, Jodi Mindell

Long-Term Efficacy of an Internet Intervention for Infant and Toddler Sleep Disturbances: One Year Follow-Up, Jodi Mindell