The department of sociology has three main objectives for sociology majors. To a lesser extent, these objectives also apply to students who minor in sociology. The first of these is that students who successfully complete the sociology program will be able to apply a scientific approach to groups and institutions surrounding them, and, in addition, will be able to link this scientific approach to a humanistic understanding of pressing social problems. The second objective is to assist sociology majors to lay a broad and solid foundation for pursuing a career in a wide number of possible fields. Such a foundation enhances occupational flexibility required by a changing and unpredictable labor market. Finally, the department aims to foster critical thinking and aid students in developing their oral and written communications skills


Submissions from 1973

Intermetropolitan Differences in Family Income Inequality in 1960, George W. Dowdall

White Gains from Black Subordination in 1960 and 1970, George W. Dowdall

Submissions from 1972

Patterns of Income Inequality in American Metropolitan Communities, George W. Dowdall

Submissions from 1970

Models of Metropolitan Socioeconomic Differentiation: A Comparison among Black, Latino, and Anglo Patterns in 1970, George W. Dowdall