The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is committed to a rigorous presentation of the methods and content of both the scholarly study of Christian Theology and the academic discipline of Religious Studies. We view these combined disciplines as an important component within the liberal arts curriculum of a Roman Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition. We therefore take seriously our charge to engage students in the serious and critical study of religious experience, practice, thought and inquiry, both historically and in the contemporary world.


Submissions from 2010

A Time for Recommitment: Building the New Relationship between Jews and Christians, Philip A. Cunningham

A Time for Recommitment: The 12 Points of Berlin, Philip A. Cunningham

A Time for Recommitment': The ICCJ's 2009 Document on J-C Relations After 60 Years, Philip A. Cunningham

Being Honest: Next Steps in Jewish and Catholic Relations ― A Response to Rabbi Gary Greenebaum, Philip A. Cunningham

Benedict XVI and Catholic-Jewish Relations, Philip A. Cunningham

Catholic Christianity and the Dignity of Difference, Philip A. Cunningham

Exodus 12: A Shared Scripture Differently Enacted by Jews and Catholics, Philip A. Cunningham

Jews and Catholics Today: 45 Years after Nostra Aetate, Philip A. Cunningham

Jews and Christians from the Time of Christ to Constantine's Reign, Philip A. Cunningham

Jews and Christians over the Centuries and over the Past Four Decades, Philip A. Cunningham

Reply to Terrence W. Tilley's 'Doing Theology in the Context of the Gift and the Promise of Nostra Aetate', Philip A. Cunningham

Response to Bolton's 'Contesting the Covenants', Philip A. Cunningham

Scriptures That We Know All Too Well, Philip A. Cunningham

The Mystery of Eschatological Fulfillment: Post-Conciliar Catholic Identity Reflecting Prophetic Commitment to and with the Jewish People in Covenant with God, Philip A. Cunningham

Theology of Jewish Christian Relations Today: An Assessment of Current Academic and Ecclesiastical Thinking, Philip A. Cunningham

Three 'Popular' Op-eds in Jewish Regional Newspaper, Philip A. Cunningham

Rachel’s Lament: The Impact of Infertility, Pregnancy Loss, and Newborn Death on the Religious Faith of Ordinary Christians, Millicent C. Feske

Athletics, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Cyprus, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Cyrenaica, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Genesee River Wilds Project and Triple Divide Trail System, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Gymnasium, Allen R. Kerkeslager

How to Start a Program to Protect the Environment, Improve Communities, and Create Jobs: Learning with the Genesee River Wilds Project, Allen R. Kerkeslager

The Edict of Flaccus and the Violence in Alexandria in 38 CE, Allen R. Kerkeslager

The Assertory Oath in Neo-Babylonian and Persian Administrative Texts, Bruce Wells

Submissions from 2009

Freedom as a Challenge to an Ethic of Solidarity in a Neoliberal Capitalist World: Lessons from Post-1989 Poland, Gerald John Beyer

Why Race Still Matters: Catholics and the Rise of Obama, Gerald John Beyer

An Obligation to Treat Pain?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Donation after Cardiac Death, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Heroin Addiction: An Ethical Analysis of New York City's Heroin Manual, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Jesuit Bioethics Group Endorses Health Care Reform, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medical Futility, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Prejudice and the Medical Profession: A Five-Year Update, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Vatican and Artificial Nutrition and Hydration: Consortium of Jesuit Bioethic's Programs Response to William E. May, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Undue Burden? The Vatican & Artificial Nutrition & Hydration, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Wer entscheidet bei medizinischer Aussichtslosigkeit? Rechtliche und ethische Aspekte, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Magisterium and Conscience: Living as Faithful and Responsible Catholics, Vincent J. Genovesi S.J.

Chapter in "Church and Sacramentality: The Theology of Symbol in Roger Haightâ s Comparative Ecclesiology, in Comparative Ecclesiology: Critical Investigations", Gerard M. Jacobitz

Models of Eternal Life, Gerard M. Jacobitz

Mythos, Logos, Darwin, and the New Atheists, Gerard M. Jacobitz

Review of "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism: Studies in Christian Ecclesiality and Ecumenism in Honor of J. Robert Wright", Gerard M. Jacobitz

"Agrippa I", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Agrippa I and the Judeans of Alexandria in the Wake of the Violence in 38 CE, Allen R. Kerkeslager

"Agrippa II", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Genesee River Wilds Project: Program, Strategies, Prospects, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "Judah and the Judeans in the Fourth Century B.C.E.", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "Love: A Brief History through Western Christianity", Shawn M. Krahmer

The Ugaritic Baal Cycle. Vol. 2, Introduction with Text, Translation and Commentary of KTU/CAT 1.3-1.4, Mark Smith

Everyday Law in Biblical Israel: An Introduction, Bruce Wells

Exodus, Bruce Wells

Favoritism Is Still Allowed: A New Look at Deuteronomy 21:15-17, Bruce Wells

Introduction: The Idea of a Shared Tradition, Bruce Wells

Law from the Tigris to the Tiber: The Writings of Raymond Westbrook, Volume 1, The Shared Tradition, Bruce Wells

The Quasi-Alien in Leviticus 25, Bruce Wells

The Story of the Hated Wife in Genesis and Deuteronomy, Bruce Wells

Introducing Scriptural Reasoning, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Qur'anic Concept of Gratitude to God, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Said Nursi's Existential Hermeneutics of the Qur'an, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

The Use of Peirce's Pragmatism for Quranic Interpretation, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Ventures of Adam and Eve in the Quran, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Submissions from 2008

Catholic Universities, Solidarity and the Right to Education in the American Context, Gerald John Beyer

Obama obudził w nas nadzieję [Obama Will Wake Us Up in Hope], Gerald John Beyer

Yes You Can: Why Catholics Don't Have to Vote Republican, Gerald John Beyer

Teachings Too Important Not to Teach: Catholic Social Teaching on Social Communications, James Frank Caccamo

The Ethics of Branding in the Age of Ubiquitous Media: Insights from Catholic Social Teaching, James Frank Caccamo

The Message on the Media: Seventy Years of Catholic Social Thought on Social Communication, James Frank Caccamo

The Reality of the Virtual: The Internet and the Practice of Christian Virtue in the 21st Century, James Frank Caccamo

Embryo Donation/Adoption: Medical, Legal and Ethical Perspectives, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Financial Incentives for Organ Donation, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Health Care Access for Migrant Farmworkers: A Paradigm for Better Health, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Just Health Care in Developing Nations, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Mandatory Neonatal Male Circumcision in Sub-Saharan Africa: Medical and Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Richard McCormick, SJ, and Dual Epistemology, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Christ and the Jewish People:Trinity, Salvation, and Covenant., Philip A. Cunningham

Em busca do amor: moralidade católica e sexualidade humana, Vincent J. Genovesi S.J.

Room for Sacramental Reconciliation?, Vincent J. Genovesi S.J.

Steps toward Justice, Vincent J. Genovesi S.J.

Law, Bruce Wells

Pre-Trial Negotiations: The Case of the Run-Away Slave in Dar. 53, Bruce Wells

The Biblical Rechtssammlungen in Light of the Neo-Babylonian Rechtsordnung, Bruce Wells

The Cultic versus the Forensic: Judahite and Mesopotamian Judicial Procedures in the First Millennium B.C.E., Bruce Wells

What Is Biblical Law? A Look at Pentateuchal Rules and Near Eastern Practice, Bruce Wells

Respondent to panelists of "Muslim Women: History, Theory, and Practice of Faith", Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Risale i Nur's Method in Supporting Faith and its Relevance for the Modern Age, Umeyye isra Yazicioglu

Submissions from 2007

A Theoretical Appreciation of the Ethic of Solidarity in Poland Twenty-Five Years after, Gerald John Beyer

Catholic Universities, Solidarity and the Right to Education for All: Two Case Studies in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, Gerald John Beyer

Freedom, Truth, and Law in the Mind and Homeland of John Paul II, Gerald John Beyer

Prolegomenon to a Revival of an Ethic of Solidarity in a Neoliberal Capitalist World, Gerald John Beyer

Special Issue on Ethics and Eschatology, James Frank Caccamo

The Listener As Musician: The Importance of the Audience in the Moral Power of Music, James Frank Caccamo

Decision-Making in Neonatology: An Ethical Analysis from the Catholic Perspective, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Do No Harm: A Global Dilemma in Health Care, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Mandatory Neonatal Male Circumcision in Sub-Saharan Africa: Medical and Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medical Futility: Legal and Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Mercy Health Promoters: A Paradigm for Implementing Third World Practices for Resource-Poor Conditions of the Developed World, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Regaining Minorities' Trust, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Submissions from 2006

A Democracy of Saints and Sinners? The Relationship between Freedom, Truth and Civil Law in Contemporary Poland, Gerald John Beyer

What Ever Became of Solidarity?, Gerald John Beyer

Been There, Sung That: How the Music of Worship Shapes People of God, James Frank Caccamo

Listener as Musician: The Primacy of the Audience in the Moral Power of Art, James Frank Caccamo