The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is committed to a rigorous presentation of the methods and content of both the scholarly study of Christian Theology and the academic discipline of Religious Studies. We view these combined disciplines as an important component within the liberal arts curriculum of a Roman Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition. We therefore take seriously our charge to engage students in the serious and critical study of religious experience, practice, thought and inquiry, both historically and in the contemporary world.


Submissions from 2006

Listener as Musician: The Primacy of the Audience in the Moral Power of Art, James Frank Caccamo

Ethics Committees in Catholic Hospitals, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medical Ethics at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib: The Problem of Dual Loyalty, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Mother-to-Child Transimssion of HIV in Botswana: An Ethical Perspective on Mandatory Testing, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Patient Deaths in New Orleans: Mercy Killing or Palliative Care?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Physician Participation In Executions: Care Giver or Executioner?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Ashley Treatment: An Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Tube Feedings and Persistent Vegetative State Patients: Ordinary or Extraordinary Means?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Structure of Divinity at Ugarit and Israel: The Case of Anthropomorphic Deities versus Monstrous Divinities, Mark Smith

Submissions from 2005

Beyond 'Nonsense on Stilts': Towards Conceptual Clarity and Resolution of Conflicting Economic Rights, Gerald John Beyer

Just War Theory in the Christian Tradition: Principles, Problematic Areas and Prospects for Dialogue with Islamic Thought, Gerald John Beyer

Reflections on the Legacy of Pope John Paul II: A Response to Cardinal Avery Dulles, Gerald John Beyer

The Unfinished Revolution: Solidarity, Freedom and Participation in Poland after 1989 through the Lens of Catholic Social Thought, Gerald John Beyer

A Liturgical Naturalistic Fallacy: an Examination of the Normative Theological and Methodological Claims in Graham Hughes's Worship as Meaning, James Frank Caccamo

Necessary, Yes. But Sufficient? Spirituality, Individualism, and Pedagogy for Social Justice, James Frank Caccamo

Gold and Silver, David W. Carpenter

Inspiration, David W. Carpenter

Jade, David W. Carpenter

Money, David W. Carpenter

Face Transplantation: A Medical Perspective, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Face Transplantation: Part II-An Ethical Perspective, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Financial Incentives for Cadaveric Organ Donations: An Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Is the NovaSure System Ethical? - Some Have Questioned the Treatment's Use in Catholic Facilities, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Looking into the Heart: Lessons Learned among the Navajo, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Need for New Guidelines for AIDS Testing & Counseling: An Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Review of "Coinage in Roman Egypt: The Hoard Evidence", Allen R. Kerkeslager

The Absence of Dionysios, Lampo, and Isidoros from the Violence in Alexadria in 38 CE, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Law and Practice, Bruce Wells

Review of "To Kill and Take Possession: Law, Morality and Society in Biblical Stories", Bruce Wells

Sex, Lies, and Virginal Rape: The Slandered Bride and False Accusation in Deuteronomy, Bruce Wells

The Jurisdictional Power of the Courts during the Neo-Babylonian and Persian Empires, Bruce Wells

The Law as Law: Biblical Law and Ancient Near Eastern Practice, Bruce Wells

Submissions from 2004

Evangelization and Social Justice in Poland after 1989, Gerald John Beyer

'Practice, Identity, and Liturgical Formation.' A Response to Steven Wilson s 'Liturgy and Ethics: Some New(er) Beginnings', James Frank Caccamo

The Responsorial Self: Christian Ethics and Ritual Song, James Frank Caccamo

An Interdisciplinary, International Approach to Justice in Health, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Decision-Making in Neonatology: An Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medication Errors in Family Practice, in Hospitals and after Discharge from the Hospital: An Ethical Analysis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Non-Heart-Beating Organ Donation and Catholic Ethics, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Who Cares about Ethics? Five Ethicists and Five Executives Discuss the Importance of Ethical Guidance in Catholic Health Care Today, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Imperialism and Religious Violence in Alexandria in 38 CE, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Monumental Tombs of Ancient Alexandria: The Theater of the Dead, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "Diaspora: Jews Amidst Greeks and Romans", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "The Chreia and Ancient Rhetoric: Classroom Exercises", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "The Hellenistic Period: Historical Sources in Translation", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Talking about 'The Passion': Fact, Fiction, Faith, and Film, Allen R. Kerkeslager

The Byzantine Christian Origin of the Testament of Job, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "Gottes Recht als Menschenrecht: Rechts- und Literaturhistorische Studien Zum Deutoronomium", Bruce Wells

Review of "Love and Violence: Marriage as Metaphor for the Relationship between YHWH and Israel in the Prophetic Books", Bruce Wells

The Law of Testimony in the Pentateuchal Codes, Bruce Wells

Where Has All The Law Gone?, Bruce Wells

Submissions from 2003

Evangelization and Social Justice in Poland after 1989, Gerald John Beyer

Karl Rahner on the Radical Unity of the Love of God and Neighbor, Gerald John Beyer

Karl Rahner on the Radical Unity of the Love of God and Neighbor, Gerald John Beyer

The Love of God and Neighbour According to Aquinas: An Interpretation, Gerald John Beyer

Values, Religion, and the Formation of Commitment: Perspectives from Catholic Social Teaching and Scripture, Gerald John Beyer

Golden Apple or Forbidden Fruit? Using Multimedia and Video in Studying and Teaching Ritual, James Frank Caccamo

Mine the Gap: A Case Study in Learning by Working the Spaces Between Disciplines, James Frank Caccamo

Sacrament as a Condition for the Possibility of a Christian Moral Life: Liturgy and Ethics in the Theology of Karl Rahner, James Frank Caccamo

Symbol, Sacrament, or Self-Disposal? An Analysis of Current Models of Liturgy and Ethics, James Frank Caccamo

Practice Makes Perfect: The Role of Practice (Abhyasa) in Patanjala Yoga, David W. Carpenter

Review of Brahman: A Comparative Theology, David W. Carpenter

Yoga: The Indian Tradition, David W. Carpenter

Fighting AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa: Is a Public-Private Partnership a Viable Paradigm, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Is It Ethical and Legal to Give a Child Medical Marijuana, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medical Marijuana: Should Minors Have the Same Rights as Adults?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Morphine vs. ABT-594: A Re-Examination by the Principle of Double Effect, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Prejudice and the Medical Profession: Racism, Sometimes Overt, Sometimes Subtle, Continues to Plague U.S. Health Care, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Sham Surgery: To Cut or Not to Cut-- That is the Ethical Dilemma, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Ethics of Mandatory HIV Testing of All Pregnant Women, Peter A. Clark S.J.

To be or Not to be an Organ Donor: A Person's Right of Informed Consent, Peter A. Clark S.J.

To Treat or Not To Treat: The Ethical Methodology of Richard A. McCormick S.J., as Applied to Treatment Decisions for Handicapped Newborns, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Review of "Monumental Tombs of Ancient Alexandria: The Theater of the Dead", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Roman Legal and Administrative Policy in the Violence in Alexandria in 38, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Two Voices in the Collaborative Classroom, Shawn M. Krahmer

In Response: Justice and Jesuit Higher Education: Another Perspective, Martin R. Tripole S.J.

Leviticus 5:1 and Quasi-International Sin, Bruce Wells

Submissions from 2002

Christian Principles for Global Business, Paul F. Aspan

Review of "Dream Unfinished: Theological Reflections on America from the Margins", Paul F. Aspan

Review of "The Bible for Theology: Ten Principles for the Theological Use of Scripture", Paul F. Aspan

From Cheap Clarity Towards Promoting Peace and Justice: Just War Theory and the War in Afganistan, Gerald John Beyer

Expanding the Shrunken Soul: False Humanity, Resentment and Magnanimity, J. Dean Brackley S.J.

Higher Standards for Higher Education: The Christian University and Solidarity, J. Dean Brackley S.J.

Moral Theology in Latin America, J. Dean Brackley S.J.

Tendencias actuales de la teología moral en América Latina, J. Dean Brackley S.J.

Why Make War on Iraq?, J. Dean Brackley S.J.

A Kitchen for the Leaven of the World: Roman Catholic Liturgical Song and the Moral Life, James Frank Caccamo

Is it the Form or the Substance? Moving Toward a Theory of the Mediation of Religion in Cyberspace, James Frank Caccamo

(Trans)Formation through the Veda: The Case of the Indian Svadhyaya, David W. Carpenter

AIDS Research in Developing Countries: Do the Ends Justify the Means?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Confidentiality and the Physician-Patient Relationship: Ethical Reflections from a Surgical Waiting Room, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Drug Companies and AIDS in Africa, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Ethical Implications of Pain Management: Can a Formalized Policy Help?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medical Futility in Pediatrics: Is It Time for a Public Policy?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Mother and Son: The Case of Medical Marijuana -- Commentary, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Placebo Surgery for Parkinson's Disease: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Risks?, Peter A. Clark S.J.

To Treat or Not to Treat: Can Richard McCormick's Moral Criterion Serve as a Model for Neonatal Decision-Making, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Feminist Theologies and the Possibility of God, Millicent C. Feske

Passages from Early Christian Greek Patristic Writers, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "Archaeology and the Galilean Jesus: A Re-Examination of the Evidence", Allen R. Kerkeslager