The Department of Theology and Religious Studies is committed to a rigorous presentation of the methods and content of both the scholarly study of Christian Theology and the academic discipline of Religious Studies. We view these combined disciplines as an important component within the liberal arts curriculum of a Roman Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition. We therefore take seriously our charge to engage students in the serious and critical study of religious experience, practice, thought and inquiry, both historically and in the contemporary world.


Submissions from 2017

Israel As the ‘Hermeneutical Jew’ in Protestant Statements on the Land and State of Israel: Four Presbyterian Examples, Adam Gregerman

Review of “The Many Faces of Herod the Great”, by A.K. Marshak, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Reinhold Niebuhr and Catholic Social Teaching on ‘Why Nations Fail’: Constructing a Common Christian Ethical Analysis of a New Theory of Political Economy, James P. O’Sullivan

Twenty First Century Global Goal-Setting Addressing Global Inequality: An Interdisciplinary Ethical Analysis, James P. O’Sullivan

Submissions from 2016

American Evangelical Islamophobia: A History of Continuity with a Hope for Change, David L. Johnston

Submissions from 2013

Let Me Put It Another Way: Digital Media and The Future of the Liturgy, James Frank Caccamo

Medical Tourism: Winners and Losers, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medicine, Buddhism and End-of-Life Care, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Mercy Health Promoter: A Paradigm for Just Health Care, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Munchausen’s Syndrome: Capacity and the Role of the Surrogate Decision-Maker: Ethical Commentary, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Surgical Vaccine: Should Male Circumcision be Mandatory in Sub-Saharan Africa, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Jewish Theology and World Religions. Review of "Jewish Theology and World Religions" edited by Alon Goshen-Gottstein and Eugene Korn, Adam Gregerman

The Jewish Jesus: Revelation, Reflection, Reclamation. Review of "The Jewish Jesus: Revelation, Reflection, Reclamation," edited by Zev Garber, Adam Gregerman

Paddling as Conservation Strategy: The Genesee River Wilds Project, Allen R. Kerkeslager

The Nativist Movement in America: Religious Conflict in the Nineteenth Century, Kathleen M. Oxx

A Response to Professor Krauss on Nothing, Glenn B. Siniscalchi

Review of "New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Contemporary Physics and Philosophy. By Robert J. Spitzer.", Glenn B. Siniscalchi

Review of "Neo-Babylonian Court Procedure: Cuneiform Monographs", Bruce Wells

Submissions from 2012

Admission Impossible: Preferential Option for the Poor at Catholic Colleges, Gerald John Beyer

Czy solidarność jest przeciwna ludzkiej naturze? Wgląd z perspektywy biologii ewolucyjnej [Is Solidarity against Human Nature? Insight from the Perspective of Evolutionary Biology], Gerald John Beyer

Economic Rights: Past, Present and Future, Gerald John Beyer

Solidarity and Occupy Wall Street: A Tale of Two Movements, Gerald John Beyer

Review of Ritual, Media, and Conflict, edited by Ronald Grimes, Ute Hüsken, Udo Simon, and Eric Venbrux, James Frank Caccamo

Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Decision-Making in Neonatology: An Ethical Analysis from the Catholic Perspective, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Slow-Sand Water Filter: Design, Implementation, Accessibility and Sustainability in Developing Countries, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Undocumented Patients, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Review of Civic Rites: Democracy and Religion in Ancient Athens, by Nancy Evans, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of "Early Christian Books in Egypt", Allen R. Kerkeslager

Review of The Alexandrian Riots Of 38 C.E. And The Persecution Of The Jews: A Historical Reconstruction, by Sandra Gambetti, Allen R. Kerkeslager

The Genesee River Wilds Project, Allen R. Kerkeslager

Birthright: Ancient Near East; Birthright: Hebrew Bible., Bruce Wells

Review of "Continuity and Innovation in the Aramaic Legal Tradition", Bruce Wells

Review of "Early Ancient Near Eastern Law, A History of its Beginnings: The Early Dynastic and Sargonic Periods", Bruce Wells

The Grammar of the Neo-Babylonian Assertory Oath, Bruce Wells

Submissions from 2011

Can Poland's Solidarity be Globalized? Insights from Evolutionary Biology, Gerald John Beyer

Celebrating the 31st Anniversary of the Pastoral 'Brothers and Sisters to Us', Gerald John Beyer

Is Solidarity Contrary to Human Nature? Insights from Evolutionary Biology, Gerald John Beyer

Otworzyć drzwi dla wszystkich: Solidarność z ubogimi, prawo do edukacji i uczelnie katolickie [Open the Door for All: Solidarity with the Poor, the Right to Education and Catholic Schools], Gerald John Beyer

Review of "No Rising Tide: Theology, Economics, and the Future", Gerald John Beyer

Solidarity by Grace or Nature Alone? Catholic Theology in Dialogue with Evolutionary Biology on the Possibility of Human Solidarity, Gerald John Beyer

21st Century Christianity: Technology in the Life of Faith and Justice, James Frank Caccamo

Rewiring Virtue: The Christian Moral Life at the Dawn of a New Era, James Frank Caccamo

Speaking of Worship: Creating Helpful Discussions about Worship, James Frank Caccamo

Teaching Worship Planning: Content and Context, James Frank Caccamo

Cryopreserved Embryos: A Catholic Alternative to Embryonic Stem Cell Research and Adoption, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Death with Dignity: Ethical and Practical Considerations for Caregivers of the Terminally Ill, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Ethical Principles and Moral Decision Making, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Justice in Health Care, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Medical Marijuana: Medical Necessity versus Political Agenda, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Credibility of Institutional Review Boards: Response One, Peter A. Clark S.J.

The Institute of Catholic Bioethics, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Christ Jesus and the Jewish People Today: New Explorations of Theological Interrelationships, Philip A. Cunningham

Jesus: the Jew and the Christ, Philip A. Cunningham

Op-ed: "Catholic-Jewish Relations: How Far We've Come, How Far We've Yet To Go", Philip A. Cunningham

Principles When Theologizing about the Church of Christ and the People of Israel, Philip A. Cunningham

Response to Paper by Eugene Korn 'The People Israel, Christianity and the Covenantal Responsibility to History', Philip A. Cunningham

The Catholic Church and the Inquisition, Philip A. Cunningham

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: How Its Complexities Obstruct Jewish-Christian Understanding, Philip A. Cunningham

The Life Cycle and Dynamics of Interreligious Dialogue Groups, Philip A. Cunningham

Theological Implications of Archbishop Bustros' Interview: A Catholic Perspective, Philip A. Cunningham

The Presentation of Jews and Judaism in Catholic Religious Education Materials, Philip A. Cunningham

The Road Behind and the Road Ahead: Catholicism and Judaism, Philip A. Cunningham

The Road to Reconciliation: A Catholic Perspective: 1965-1985, Philip A. Cunningham

The Triune One, the Incarnate Logos, and Israel's Covenantal Life, Philip A. Cunningham

Toward a Christian Theology of Its Relationship with Judaism, Philip A. Cunningham

Jesus Meets His Match: Jesus and the Canaanite Woman in Matthew 15, Millicent C. Feske

Consider Jesus: A Contemporary Christology, Gerard M. Jacobitz

Response to Father Donald Cozzens 'Gay Ministry at the Crossroads: The Plight of Gay Clergy in the Catholic Church', Gerard M. Jacobitz

Catholic Spatiality in Colonial and Early National Philadelphia, Kathleen M. Oxx

More Than "a Few Good Morsels". Review of 'Catholicism in Social and Historical Contexts: An Introduction' by Curt Cadorette, Kathleen M. Oxx

Philadelphia: The Great Experiment, Kathleen M. Oxx

Bureaucratic Guilt under King and under God, Bruce Wells

First Wives Club: Divorce, Demotion, and the Fate of Leah in Genesis 29, Bruce Wells

God's Multiple Personality (Dis)Order. Review of "The Bodies of God and the World of Ancient Israel", Bruce Wells

The Quasi-Alien in Leviticus 25, Bruce Wells

The Source of the Ten Commandments and Other Laws in the Bible, Bruce Wells

The Whole Truth: Forensic Rituals and Forensic Evidence in Ancient Near Eastern Courtrooms, Bruce Wells

As Time Grows Older, the Qur'an Grows Younger': Said Nursi's Contemporary Reading of the Qur'an, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Redefining the Miraculous: al-Ghazālī, Ibn Rushd and Said Nursi on Qur'anic Miracle Stories, Umeyye Isra Yazicioglu

Submissions from 2010

Catholic Universities, Solidarity, and the Right to Education, Gerald John Beyer

Catholic Universities, Solidarity, and the Right to Education in the American Context, Gerald John Beyer

Do U.S. Catholic Universities Foster Solidarity or Serve the Status Quo? Some Initial Considerations, Gerald John Beyer

Neither Socialist nor Libertarian: Pope Benedict’s Caritas in Veritate on the Proper Role of Government in the Economy, Gerald John Beyer

On the Possibility of Human Solidarity: Insights from Evolutionary Perspectives, Gerald John Beyer

Pope Benedict’s Caritas in Veritate: An Encyclical for our Troubled Economic Times, Gerald John Beyer

Pope Benedict’s Caritas in Veritate: An Encyclical for our Troubled Economic Times, Gerald John Beyer

Recovering Solidarity: Lessons from Poland's Unfinished Revolution, Gerald John Beyer

The Ideals and Discourse of Solidarność: From Communism towards a Republic of Equals, Gerald John Beyer

Living Worship, James Frank Caccamo

Making Virtue Out of New Necessities: Internet Technologies and the Future of the Christian Moral Life, James Frank Caccamo

Tapas, David W. Carpenter

Afghanistan, Poppies and the Global Pain Crisis, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Concierge Medicine: Medical, Legal and Ethical Perspectives, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Ethical and Moral Principles, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Ethical Decision Making in Medicine, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Federal Funding for Needle Exchange Programs, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Spirituality and End-of-Life Care, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Surgical Vaccine: Should Male Circumcision be Mandatory in Sub-Saharan Africa, Peter A. Clark S.J.

Telemedicine: Medical, Legal and Ethical Perspectives, Peter A. Clark S.J.